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    My #CalCup picks are a huge disaster with the exception of my Men’s darkhorse favorite Rand Miller.  Fabrice is a no show…probably went back to France or something, but Dark Horse pick Rand Miller has got some action going on.  He’s currently in the lead up through Suisun.  A couple of podiums and top tens have put him in the running for the overall title.  Andres Gil – who is always in the top few spots at Cal Cup– is sitting comfortably behind Rand.  In retrospect it was stupid not to put Gil on my list – hind sight is 20/20. Gil seems to have more of a penchant for the hilly races than Rand so I am looking for him to jump up to the top if he stays healthy.  Evan Huffman from Lombardi is putting in a good result too after a good run at Dunnigan and Suisun – we’ll see if he can manage the hilly events coming up.   I’m curious to see if Nate English will lay it down over the next few weeks and if rookie Elite rider Eric Kimbles can keep his form and put together a few more results to capture a podium spot like he did at the Cascade Stage Race.

    Captain America

    Kevin Klein’s not strutting his stuff but his significant other Jane Despas has been doing some damage with wins at Dunnigan and San Ardo.  Jane would be walking away with it all if it wasn’t for Katherine Curi Mattis swooping in out of “Pro Land” to take several races.  Word is KCM is warming up for some high profile mid-west crits so likely won’t be around for the final races of the series.  That said…KCM is the hard woman of NorCal cycling having fought through all kind of injuries the last few years.  Being this close to the #CalCup title might spur her on to rack up a few more points and take the honors in 2009. Overall the women’s scene has been harder to predict, since it looks like there has not been a single rider who has consistently raced all the events.  That said Olivia Dillon is sitting up at the top, as expected, with two big finishes and a win at University. With some of the hard races and a time trial still to be scored it could be tight three way battle between Despas, Dillon, and KCM.  There is still room for a dark horse to pick up points through consistency – so I’d keep an eye on Jane Robertson, Annie Malouin, and Amy Chandos to make a podium run if they show up for the next few races.

    World Cup Leader

    I wasn’t planning on doing any Masters coverage, just to keep my post a little shorter…however,  Brian Bosch is just dominating.  He’s turning into a one man wrecking crew out there. He’ll probably even score some points in the P/1/2 category.  I bet he’s a good wheel to have regardless of the race he’s in.

    I can’t find much good coverage of San Ardo or University – if you have the top three for either of these races please shoot them over to us at NorCalCycling News.  And remember… use the #Calcup tag if you want to twitter the top three of any race.  For complete Cal Cup Results Through 8/16 see this link.

    University W 1/2/3 – 1. Dillon, 2. Starnes, 3. Malouin

    San Ardo W 1/2/3 – 1. Despas,  2. Hecht



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    1. Williams Wheels
      August 27, 2009 at

      That picture of Parnes and Miller is hilarious. Got the hands crossed….no smiles. I’m sure Miller came up with this pose.

    2. August 27, 2009 at

      San Ardo results are up. Evan Huffman and Adres Gil are going to be high up on the Cal Cup standings now. The question is can/will Evan climb?

      1 Evan HUFFMAN Hdr P/b Lombardi Sports
      2 Andres GIL Pacific State Bank Cycling Team
      3 Nozomu KIMORI Kyoto sango university
      4 Neil SHIRLEY Kelly Benefit Strategies
      5 Seth ZALESKI Platinum Performance Cycling Team

    3. Men's Cal Cup Results
      August 29, 2009 at

      Winters RR P/1/2 results – 1. Gil 2. Dubost 3. Mooney out of a 5 man break that also contained Mattis and English.

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