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    As I write this, the punishment gluttons and #CalCup contenders should be pondering their Esparto results and recovering from Challenge RR.  Here are my assumptions given that I live in an information vaccum (i have not set up a network of people to send me results yet) and it takes the folks at VeloPromo to get results up … though they have been awesome with the overall Cal Cup Result Thru VacaVille.

    Andres Gil ~ Andres looks different than i imagined!Challenge – Andres Gil takes the win sealing his overall lead going into Esparto/Giro.  Olivia Dillon puts in ride at Challenge taking the win and tying it up with Jane Despas for second place.

    Esparto – Gil show’s up and gets enough points giving him a virtual lock on the Cal Cup lead. Olivia Dillon takes a win and moves into the lead.  (This just in from Carol Irving – Olivia Dillon was busy repeating as Irish National TT Champ yesterday.  Apparently the Irish on a National Championship schedule equally as goofy as ours. With that in mind i have no idea who will win on the women’s side.) KCM is in St Louis and Jane takes a pass on both races given that they are out in the middle of nowhere and he’s got a good shot at the crit on Monday.

    Giro – Webcor throws down for one last win this year, Flashy Pants Rand, FABRICE, and NorCal crit champ Parne’s all take turns going 1999 crazy on the pack.  The Leprechauns get some points but not enough to dethrone Gil – who shows up and finishes in the pack.   Reaney takes the win and Evan Huffman gets a podium coming up a few points short of Gil in the overall lead.

    Jane Despas -This looks about what i was thinking...Despas takes the women’s crit and ties up the points, taking the overall #CalCup title since the Giro placing is the tie breaker.HO HO HO…. wait a minute… is VeloPromo doing double Giro points?  NOPE!  Doesn’t look like it… If this is rolling the way i think it will our friends Gil and Despas will walk away with the 2009 #CalCup honorsAndres Gil – Actor, Singer, & Possible #CalCup Champion.

    Send us the results from Challenge and Esparto if you got them.



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    1. September 6, 2009 at

      Twitter is starting to come through for me! Huffman, Fancy Pants and Parnes might give Andres a run for his money going into Da Giro…

      1. Mooney 2. Parnes 3 Huffman

      @ncnca RT @PhilipMooney: Esparto TT results. had a Pretty good ride and won. So did Parnes. http://twitpic.com/gqghl #calcup

    2. September 6, 2009 at

      After going back and looking at the results Phillip Mooney is moving himself up into the top 5… nicely done. After a quick back of the envelope-i probably have this wrong- calculation – It is looking like the only mathematical threat to Gil is going to be Huffman. I don’t have winters info yet so that could put it all out of reach if Gil took that race.

    3. Phil Mooney
      September 6, 2009 at

      I heard Talansky won Challenge RR, Lombardi got 2nd, and Gil didn’t race (but I wasn’t there). Parnes and Rand didn’t race it either. They were part of the Webcor TTT team that won the P12 state TTT. At the TTT, the Specialized Masters (Metcalfe, Roemer, etc) put in the fastest time of the day by a long shot. Metcalfe also won the Masters 35+ TT at Esparto.

      I think the Winters results have been posted. Andreas, Fabrice, Mattis, Nate English, and I were in the break in the Winters RR. We lost English and Mattis at the end, and Andreas (1st) and Fabrice (2nd) crushed me in the sprint.

      That’s all I’ve got for you.

    4. September 8, 2009 at


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