• So You Think You Can Cross?

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    I missed the Surf City races this weekend, and as i was catching up with folks that went I found i kept asking less about who won (I assume it was Justin Robinson, or DJ Snead – who is winning everything these days) and more about the good costumes.  Sabine’s costume got a good review and the costume race photos are customarily hilarious.


    But it all got me thinking… cross racers should dress up each race, but thats not practical so i dismissed the idea…but then i was thinking it would be way cool to have some flashy clothes for the night races… but I didn’t really have a good idea on how that would work…but then i saw a repeat of “Dancing with the Stars” and i realized those sequins looked really awesome with the lights. SO…I figured there are enough night races in the area now (BASP Sierra Point CX, American Velodrome Challenge, and San Rafael Twilight Crit) so a rider could get their money’s worth if they invested in a sweet sequined kit (get on that feature on the roadmap kitorder.com – sequin order form.)  It would be totally sweet… just for some TLC and it will come back shiney and ready to rock and roll.  We would look AWESOME!


    Just to prove i’m not nuts, check this out…There appears to be some strong ties between cycling and ballroom dancing since that was the competitive birthplace of Columbia superstar sprinter Mark Cavendish.  The dude was a ballroom dancer!  The evening races tend to be the best party/community events that we have going.  My fondest personal memories of spectating are from the San Francisco Twilight Crit in 2008.  We watched Shelly Olds take the final sprint as people were watching from bars along the streets.  The BASP Sierra Point Race on Saturday 11/14 is a blast for racers and spectators. The course is great for spectating (short and easily walked), technically challenging (jumps and turns), and the lights from team tents tents and over the course make a great party atmosphere.   Get your orders in now…we need to have some sparkles for Sierra Point.



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