• Good God its Cold! NorCal Women Stomp in Bend

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    This week I’m working for Andrew, Owner Operator of Cyclocross MagazineCyclocross Magazine is doing live coverage each day so don’t miss our genius scribblings.  Below is the quick recap of the races that Barbarella and Barnholt took today.  Full coverage is available at the Cyclocross Magazine site located at http://www.cxmagazine.com

    CX Magazine

    Women’s 30-34

    Kari Studley took and early lead in the women’s 30-34 race and was joined by Barb (Barbarella) Howe and Andrea Smith.   Smith faltered losing contact with the two west coast riders while Howe and Studley traded the lead and took shots at each other like it was a championship boxing match.  As the weather warmed up course conditions took a sharp turn for the different as riders started crossing the finish streaked in mud.  While Howe and Studley traded blows Dierdre (Dee Dee Winfield) worked her way into third and by the last lap passed Studley to finish second.  In the final straight Studley found herself in a two up sprint with Andrea Smith and after some contact between the two riders Smith crossed the line third much to Studley’s disappointment.  Howe’s commanding win in the final laps of the 30 plus race demonstrated her drive and commitment after several years of health issues and injuries that have kept her readjusting expectations from her level of three to four years ago.

    Women’s 35-39

    Starting behind the 30-34 women’s Kerry Barnholt might have been at a disadvantage. Barnholt used the 30 year old women as rabbits and after taking the hold shot Barnholt ripped her way through the fields to the point that if she was racing in the 30 year old race she would have come in 5th.   Linda Sone, a firefighter our of Minneapolis, and Nicole Duke, a pro downhill racer, rounded out the top three but never caught sight of Barnholt once she was out of the starting gate.

    To read more about NorCal contenders who finished on the podium today including Karen Brems and James Coats visit Cyclocross Magazine. Even later I will tell you about my speeding ticket, my rolled tubular, and clothes selection – which i might add, is better suited to a ski trip than a bike race.



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    1. December 11, 2009 at

      And i didn’t even mention the triumphant return of Gina Hall!

    2. Russ
      December 15, 2009 at

      I bet the little volcano has a good story about how the other cat ruined his race…on the last lap. I’ll bet you five dollars. LOL.

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