• They’re baaaaaaaaaaaack.

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    The Roadies, that is. Early Birds start this weekend, notes from the mentor team below. Good mentorship means safer races and more participation – if you can spare a few hours on your Saturday afternoon, come on out!


    Happy New Year – the start of the 2010 racing season is almost here.  The Early Bird Criterium 5-week training series starts on Sunday.  To ensure that all of our mentors are on the same page we are holding this event on Saturday for Category 1/2/3/4 and pro riders.  Please note that a Category 4 mentor must attend this session to mentor during this series.

    – What: Early Bird Mentoring Training
    – Why: train mentors to give the new racer an excellent “first impression”
    – When: Saturday, Jan. 2, 2010 from 3 to 5pm.  A two hour session for mentors to share their skill strengths and question/answer period in hopes to improve our program.
    – Where: Corner 1 of the Early Birds course (Campus and Dumbarton Circle in Fremont, just off Hwy 84, east of the Dumbarton bridge) park up at the end of the cul de sac on Campus Ct.
    – How: on your bike, with warm clothes, ideas and questions.

    Two concentrated areas, and one outcome goal for the day:
    1) sticking to the curriculum and not letting new rider questions take you away from the core of the learning
    2) effectively demonstrating the skills that the new riders are about to learn

    Outcome Goal:
    Volunteers on January 2nd will be “classified” and/ or self-selected into one of three groups, 1) Guest Speakers, 2) Leaders and 3) Mentors
    – Experienced and new mentors (Pro/ Cat 1 through 3) should attend the Jan. 2 meeting if they want to be a leader.
    – New mentors (Cat 4): MUST attend the Jan. 2 meeting if you wish to be a mentor.

    Thank you for attending our mentoring clinic on January 2nd.  We appreciate your willingness to improve and support the 2010 Early Birds.

    Sincerely, your Early Bird Team: Laurie Fenech, Laurel Green, Alan Atha and Larry Nolan



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