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    Since we have people thinking about races at the moment, I want to bring this topic back up.

    InfoVista Cycling Team, promoters of the criterium in Pleasanton on May 2nd, have requested to host the 2010 Masters Criterium Championships.
    I have a couple of sponsors that I was supposed to be in touch with in December after the NCNCA meeting, but have not been able to get back to them with an answer. Their support is hinged on our race hosting the Championships.
    We have been making contacts in the local community and really want to do something good to hype up bike racing in the Bay Area and get some other organizations involved and fired up.

    People I have talked to seem to feel that having the race locally would be really great. Our interest came in response to the thread on the NCNCA Forum requesting that the race location/venue be “changed up a bit”, as seen here http://www.ncncaracing.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1871

    Casey’s response to the question was “Currently there is no other event that holds all the different age groups for master men and women in a crit. This means that for a new event to be selected a promoter is going to have to step forward and commit to running all of the different age groups for men and women. To date no promoter has stepped up to do that.”

    InfoVista Cycling Team is a stepping. We are ready to put together our race flier and get things rolling right here in the Bay Area on a course that most of you could ride to.
    It’s a great, fast, and closed course.

    Let’s do this thing.
    Ron Castia
    InfoVista Cycling Team



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