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    all cartman all the timeSunny skies for the Cherry Pie races today. I’ll leave the full blow-by-blow to other, more eloquent bloggers (Hernandito? Hellyer? Michael himself?), but here’s a little taste of the day:

    Masters 35+ 1/2/3 is rumored to have had some real officiating snafus. Something about a break not getting lap cards, then being neutralized after a crash when the field wasn’t, and ultimately being scored by the order in which they joined the break instead of their order across the line? (Maybe they confused Cherry Pie with that other Napa race that did the reverse win-and-out last year.)

    All I know for sure is that LaBerge won the field sprint. Does anybody have the real scoop?

    The Women’s 1/2/3 field was an exercise in loving one’s abuser. You can’t help but love those TIBCO gals, even when they’re out for blood. They came out swinging, with Alison Starnes dragging the field around all day, ultimately setting Big Brooke up to win the sprint with plenty of room (incidentally, the Women’s 4 race was won by a Team Tibco II development rider – hell of a day for the team). The David to TIBCO’s Goliath was Irish TT champ Olivia Dillon, riding for Specialized Designs for Women this year, who got away solo for several laps until two to go & then had enough pop to take third in the field sprint.

    The Pro/1/2 came down to a small break, won by Dirk Copeland from the new Yahoo team after he avoided a crash in the finishing straight. I don’t know who it was who crashed, but how do you crash out of a group of seven? ten? in a wide-open uphill straightaway like that? Sounds like somebody should take an Early Bird refresher. Yahoo also came up on top in the field sprint – maybe that Klein guy knows what he’s doing after all.

    Now, who really knows what happened?



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    4 Responses to Everybody likes pie.

    1. I was There!
      February 9, 2010 at

      I was there and they all can not ride their bikes! What a bunch of blokes in this area. NorCal has fools for riders and they all have skills like old ladies. I am reporting this mess to the higher ups and get most of the riders back to the Early Bird training races in Fremont. this should be mandatory for the pretenders who think they can ride their bikes. Hernandez should be the offical and the mentor to everyone because obviously he is the man. he should be NCNCA V.P. and make a diference in this area……. oh he was the V.P. ooops

    2. nitro
      February 9, 2010 at

      There are some crazies posting here, lately.

      Two riders trying to fill the space of one was the catalyst for the havoc, but it was the officials that could not respond accordingly. They would tell you that the spectators said neutralize, but last I knew, the lead moto is not driven by a spectator, nor do spectators usually walk around with orange vests waving flags.

      The official results for the field show the bell lap placings, and well, Dean LeBerge did or did not win the field sprint depending on whether you think that that should occur after the lap card shows 1. Yeah sure, it was the riders that caused the problems.

    3. February 9, 2010 at

      The break in the Masters race was 35 seconds clear with 2 laps to go. Mike Sayers attacked hard like 3 times in the last 2 laps and gaps were starting to form. We saw a rider down coming up to the hill just before the bell and there was plenty of room to pass. Mike attacked hard on the climb as we were being told to stop and go. When in doubt, continue to pedal and Larry and I caught him around the first turn. The other riders were gapped and the moto official was telling us to go. The other 3 were about to catch us as the sprit started. Personally, I wasn’t about to neutralize after all the hard work we put in, and it seemed Mike and Larry were not either. The other guys may or may not have slowed, but when I’m in a break that long and I see riders going for it, I’m going to. Exciting finish, and a hard fought, satisfying win!

    4. February 10, 2010 at

      After the gap was formed I was not 100% we were on our final lap, or if we were supposed to be doing a neutral lap so I wasn’t chasing 100%. Martin & Innes were just sitting on my wheel waiting for the sprint.
      Live & learn.

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