• Women’s Track Clinic … get your fixed gear on!

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    May 22-23 … all you need to get comfortable with no brakes

    2010 Women’s Track Clinic @ Hellyer Velodrome

    trackclinic.jpgNow, it is true that I speak from a world of bias … as someone who has a deep and forever-bound love for the art and drama of track racing ~ however, I can assert with some pretty damn strong confidence that people who ride the velodrome become better, safer, and faster riders out on the road.

    Riding the velodrome implants a greater understanding of bike handling, the reasons and consequences of lateral movement of riders, how to become adept at sensing and avoiding overlapping wheels, and … of course, how to build yourself a better sprint.

    This May, master’s national champ Annabell Holland will join Beth Newell (3 top-10’s at 2009 Elite Track Nationals) to provide 20 lucky women a chance to get introduced to all things fixed gear. This is the second year of the Women’s Track Clinic … and if you’ve ever had an inkling to check out velodrome riding ~ don’t miss this opportunity.


    Track riding breeds finesse on the bike.  It teaches you how to increase your vision while riding and how to become more fluid in your ability to process and predict the action of bike racing.  Fixed gear riding promotes a smoother pedalstroke and allows you to realize that increasing your efficiency on a bike will provide you much more speed and power than trying to increase pure strength.

    Get yourself to this clinic … and you’ll find that you’ll be wanting to get yourself a cheap fixed gear bike to add to your road riding fun.  Toss a brake on for safety out on the roads, and get to pedaling fixed … it’ll change your whole perspective on bike riding.

    Register now! Only 20 spots for the weekend.

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