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    TIBCO goodies for sale

    tibcosale.jpgSaturday ~ April 10th from 9am to 1pm

    Los Altos, 1577 Fairway Drive … take advantage of some incredible deals on equipment, clothing, wheels & bikes … hell, all things cycling.

    The TIBCO professional team will be making room for their 2010 stock, so if you’re not racing until the afternoon, or get done at o’dark AM with your efforts … make the short drive over to Los Altos and pick up some super pimp TIBCO swag.

    Bring your cash and grab some supernew stuff at sillysweet prices.
    – – –

    Saturday Racings galore …

    mooneykins.jpgWell, our region has decided to stock 6 tons of racing into this first full-fledged weekend of April.  Yeppers, the season has finally begun in earnest, yo.

    CCCX will be hosting the final circuit race of the series on Saturday … and for anyone who has ever kicked up dirt in the CCCX boyz cross or mtb finals, they know that they throw one helluva good party.

    If you’re on the southern side of things and don’t want to drive over the bridges or through canyons d’ America … take the quick the jaunt down 101S and hit a safe, cool and closed course for a good strong workout.  You might even grab some cool prizes or a beer, or two.
    – – –

    And if you’re up north, you’ll be able to choose between two races in beautiful Santa Rosa or wine-ly Napa.

    The Santa Rosa Apple Pie crit is for those who want the serious, high-octane speed training in their legs as we prep for the first big classic crit sessions of the season.  Santa Rosa is a solid corporate course that offers a chance to work on your attacking endurance or kilo-watt field sprints.  I’ll be there with the camera, so be sure to smile through the pain.

    Napa is offering reverse win-n-outs for all classes … hopefully it will be safe and sound. If you don’t know how to race one of these, head over to Santa Rosa for training.  But if you’re interested in trying out a challenging format and want a crack at some decent prize money ~ Napa’s your game.  But remember, no finish line celebrations at Napa …
    – – –

    Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

    kenconley_mpgp2009.jpgMenlo Park Grand Prix … it’s one of the few announcing gigs I’m going to be doing this year and am getting pretty damn amped for it.  It’s a good long finishing straight out of a quick left-right setup, so should be excellent drama for primes and field sprints.

    VeloGirls always chocks good chunks of primes for fields, so bring the fast wheels out to Menlo Park and get ready to have your name screamed across the peninsula.

    Or, if you’re genetically pre-conditioned against crits … there’s a challenging climberfest up in Sonoma County with the Spring Hill Road Race.  They’ve got good money for prizes and lots of scenery for you to suck in while suffering.  Pre-reg only for this event.
    – – –

    See you at the races this weekend.



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