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    Berkeley Hills … savagery unleashed

    I have a deep and sin filled love/hate relationship with the Berkeley Hills road race course.  I loathe the traffic that rumbles around the roads and have a dread fear that somebody’s doing to get plowed on it one day … but, I love the shortly brutal climbs, rolling 2-laner drillfests, and haymaker attacks available all over the course.  It’s a race that begs for breakaways and sweetly rewards those brave ones who risk it off the front.

    Mooney & Dillon dominate breakaways

    mooners.jpgEarly in the men’s p1/2 race, five riders were off the front tilting at windmills: Webcor’s Fabrice Dubost, Spydertech’s Lucas Euser, Yahoo’s Tyler Dibble, Art Rand, and GFZteam’s Nate English.  On lap 3, Yahoo would have Philip Mooney join Kelly Benefit’s Scott Zwizanski in a massive bridging effort that would rocket the two to make a magnificent seven … and that would be the race.

    What a fabulous breakaway to see over one of our storied, glorious NorCal races ~ the fast frenchman who has expatrioted himself state-side, Webcor’s Fabrice Dubost was a monster result monger in 2009, and looks to be grinding his teeth for another summer onslaught.  Lucas Euser is a hometown favorite, and all eyes will be tear’d up and smiling if he can sniff out another long Tour of California breakaway ride to shine in again.  He’s coming back from a horrific set of injuries … and his story will be only beginning again at this year’s ToC.  Another rider to watch and cheer for in this year’s  ToC will be Zwizza … the man who finally broke through with the big wins in 2009 that we all knew were burning to get out of him.  Zwizza is a dream rider for any team – a consumate team rider and now an established winning machine.

    dibbles.jpgTyler Dibble does good work on and off the bike, as a NorCalMTB League stalwart and constant do-gooder for both high school and collegiate cycling.  It’s great to see him back on track to develop into the one-man powerplant we all know he can become.  Art Rand is a rider who has spent some summers over in Spain taking digs at the big leagues, so it’s good to see him stomping on some form as the long hot months begin to take shape.  And, Nate English has been a steady experimentation of uphill physics over these past few seasons.

    Overall … just a bucketload of strong riders going out there and grinding it out. Killing it for the win.

    English would eventually launch out with Mooney and the two men would pour gasoline on themselves to get to the line ahead of the break, and a ravaged pack being shredded by the ProTour legs of Jackson Stewart.

    Mooney would launch away for the win, English 2nd, Dibble 3rd, Rand 4th, Zwizza 5th, Fabrice 6th, and Lucas 7th.

    Dillon over an ever-improving Heather Pryor

    missdillon.jpgOlivia Dillon put in another display of just what makes her a particularly effective professional cyclist … explosive power, regenerative ambition, and the ability to sustain agony.

    The women’s race started out hot and got more supermodel with every successive lap.  The WellsFargo women would go on the early offensive – forcing a strong chase by Metromint.  A well timed Wells Fargo counter attack by Emily Kachorek was joined by Metromint’s Julie Belrose and they would go clear for miles. But it would be Olivia Dillon lighting up the major climbs to force selections, snaping the field and only Touchstone’s Heather Pryor would be able to match Dillon’s acceleration.  Behind these two strong women, a chase would ensue … but would end up being a race for 3rd.

    Dillon would attack Pryor hard on the final climbs and solo in for the win.  Pryor would use her excellent fitness and determination to stay out in front of the chasing group and secure a very satisfying 2nd place.  Kristina Seely would sprint hard for 3rd, followed by Jane Despas, Rebecca Rising, and Molly Van Houweling.
    {thanks, RVH} .

    Blake Anton wins Collegiate Natz … somebody get him a jersey!

    UCDavis’ Larissa Fitchett had a fine 5th place in the women’s road race, but it would be Anton getting a national championship jersey for Cal Poly that will be turning heads here in NorCal.  I’ve heard tell that he’s looking for a team to ride with now that the college season is over … so, get out your coffers boys ~ this youngsters been on the rise for years and is rearing to go.

    Scotts Valley GP & Sacramento Uber-Hoopla

    I’ll be at the SVGP on Saturday night to announce for the women’s event.  This is a $3K payout for the women, and a bunch of cash on line for the men’s events, too.  Third Pillar pulled out all the stops for this event, so it’ll be great to see how it turns out.

    But then all eyes will be on Sunday … as the ToC comes to town and we have a fullblast media extravaganza for our community to show off it’s stuff. Can’t wait, and might as well toss out some trash talk and predictions for the event.  tomorrow…



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    3 Responses to Pros and Cons

    1. rvh
      May 11, 2010 at

      Good report on Berkeley Hills. A few small corrections about the W12 race from the unique vantage of the wheel car. Rebecca Rising was 5th, Molly VH 6th. The Metromint off the front with Emily K was Julie Belrose, who was riding with the team for the day and ended up 9th.

    2. Russ
      May 11, 2010 at

      Nice report. Did I get this right…skipping Kern? Say it ain’t so Michael.

    3. Satin Matt
      May 11, 2010 at

      Geoff Drake published a nice report of the Berserkely men’s M45 race over here:


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