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    There are a handful of must see cycling events in the bay area

    1. The San Francisco Twilight Crit (Bring it back!)
    2. The San Rafael Twilight Crit (July 10!)
    3. The Pilarcitos night time cross race (A little taste of awesome)
    4. The Testarossa Velodrome Challenge  6 PM Fri June 11 & Sat June 12

    Arguably the TVC is the best bang for your buck – while parking at Hellyer Velodrome costs $6 and you are best served if you take the carpool lane down there are distinct advantages.  The beer is free and plentiful and the prize money usually attracts a top flight field.  t is worth the drive to watch pro’s, Olympians, and world champions square off against each other on 335 meters of concrete.  The race is so big it draws the track specialists from not just NorCal but around the globe.  Here is a quick primer to help you keep score.

    The Locals

    Shelly Evans – Not content to be just one of the best in NorCal Evans moved onto the world stage last year with huge performances on both the track and road.  Evans has shifted her focus from the track to the road since the UCI has taken a hatchet to the track endurance program and her specialty the points race.  Expect Evans to show up one night before taking off for Nature Valley Grand Prix and the Giro.

    Dave McCook – McCook is a former pro, multiple national champion, and local legend.  He’s a fierce competitor when ever he’s racing and is always fun to watch when there is money on the line.

    Beth Newell – She sprints, she climbs, she writes! Newell does it all and after a successful spring campaign on the road is putting the rest of her energy this year toward the track.  She’s out for some cash this weekend, needs a new washer or something, so keep an eye on the “Bell with Wing.”

    Others to watch:  Sam Milroy, Matt Talbott

    The Sprinters

    Jimmy Watkins – Watkins is currently one of America’s best sprinters having won all the big events at nationals in 2008.   He’s a full time fire fighter making him a model for all cyclists with a day job and passion for their sport. Watkins currently holds the Hellyer record for the flying 200 clocking10.84 last year.

    Gio Rey – Gio is a local boy currently riding for UCI Track outfit out of Colorado called Black Dog Cycling.  Gio is  a ronin of the sprinter set having traveled across the country and world trying to learn the best techniques to out smart stronger rivals.  Gio’s come close a few times in the keirin, this may be his year.

    Steve Peleaz – He’s skinny, tall, and known for spouting off more pop philosophy than Dr. Phil.   Peleaz has spent some time on the World Cup circuit riding for the Philippines so he knows what it takes to compete at the highest level.  He’s got the speed and the guts to make it in any type of track race, and is hungry after a narrow loss to big man Gideon Massie last year in the Keirin.

    Others to watch: Pete Billington

     The Interlopers

    Jame Carney – Carney is a legend in track circles.  Some say he’s never lost a Miss and Out on American soil.  He’s experienced, cagey, and fast.  If the A-Team was being redmade from cyclists he’d be your Hannibal.  Carney knows the rule book and isn’t afraid of going toe to toe with the officials as well as riders if it means getting the big win. Watching Carney and McCook go at it will be a battle for the ages.

    Laura McCaughey – Hailing from Australia – McCaughey makes T-Town her home in the summer.    Her favorite event is the keirin and last year she was relegated for impeding Carri Higgins in the final sprint.   McCaughey rebounded and won the sprint event the next day, so inside line is she’s a good bet for the sprint events.  Smart money is on McCaughey for   the scratch race if Olds doesn’t show up

    Others to watch: TJ Mathieson , Jen Triplett, Tela Crane, Jen Featheringill

    The Old and Young Folk

    Daniel Farinha – Farinha has been scaring the crap out of Hellyer-ites with his riding this year.  He’s super fast and still riding Junior gears – what’s going to happen when he gears up?  If this boy can hang with the big gears expect him to be in the money.

    Larry Nolan – When god made man he realized he made some mistakes so he went back and made what ever Larry is.  In addition to be a masters world champion and world record holder Larry runs a Hellyer race series and coaches the Specialized juniors team.  The man is LEGEND. And he’s fast.

    Pat Briggs – Briggs is a Hellyer stalwart and has been riding his guts out in support of the fledgling Yahoo! Cycling team.  The experiment has appears to be succeeding as they dominate the local scene and have started making their mark on some national level races.  Look for Briggs to break out a big race or two now that he can bust a cap on his own.

    Others to watch: Ruth Winder, Tom Fahey, Doug Hall



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    7 Responses to Must See – TVC

    1. Anon
      June 10, 2010 at

      Is Rand Miller going to be sprinting against Beth?

      I want my beer on Saturday night!

    2. June 10, 2010 at

      Beer is en route. My guess is Rand will show but Beth will have game face on so no Riggs v. King show downs this weekend. We will just have to make Rand prove his IQ and manhood through beer cup pyramid structures.

    3. Brian Peterson
      June 11, 2010 at

      It seems like Hellyer should know that it is 335 meters per lap…

    4. Brian Peterson
      June 11, 2010 at

      I’d watch Sam Milroy closely. He’s getting wicked fast and posted some serious 200m times this week in training.

    5. Anonymous
      June 11, 2010 at

      It would be really cool to have Gold Sprints there.
      Kind of a side show by the beer!
      Could take up a crowd prime for the winner.
      Maybe next year!

    6. June 11, 2010 at

      Gold Sprints at the beer tent is a great idea! Contact me on facebook and we can get er done.

    7. June 12, 2010 at

      Amazing races at the track this evening. Hot chicks and hot bikes do no wrong. For the first time ever attending a velodrome championships, I was amazed at the toys, rollers and riders who were totally gunnin’ every lap like it was their last. Will be back again! A few side drifts “keep it straight, ladies” and even a helmet head butt or two near the end to keep things surprising! – Wilson

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