• Testarossa Velodrome Challenge Night #2

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    At this point I’m sCarneyure your ready for some non-track related posts.  Let me get this out of my system and then I will move onto important topics such as which million dollar bike won up at Sattely, or the injustice of the LARPD CX series being discontinued.

    Overall the weekend was dominated by Jame Carney.  Carney said he was feeling sluggish going into Saturday night but ended up “Riding like a swan.”  To be frank, I don’t think that the expression was the most masculine way to describe a series of ass kickings Carney laid down on the NorCal (and West Coast for that matter) track community.  Ben Jacques Mayne even showed up to give it a go and Carney swooped both the Scratch race and Points race from Hellyer’s BMOC.  BJM does win for best TVC Twitter post… here is the quote, not sure how Twitter copyrights work so here it goes, “Dave McCook for the win if there’s any justice in the world!” you don’t hear that too much…

    There were additionally dominant performances from the other T-Town/ADT regulars in attendance Laura McCaughey, David Espinoza, and Jimmy Watkins.  It was enough to give Hellyer an inferiority complex.  Sure, I guess our big guns (aside from BJM who probably did a 100 mile ride in the AM to prep for NVGP) like Shelly Evans and Daniel Holloway are out of town being all pro and stuff, but the T Town domination of the elite events sure made it clear that the next generation of Hellyer-ites need to step up.  If they don’t then I’m either going to have to step up my psychological warfare against T Town or move to a different track.

    BethLuckily we saw a few standout performances on Saturday that give one hope.  Beth Newell lived up to her potential and lost a narrow battle in the Miss and Out (2nd) and Scratch Race (3rd) to get her on the top steps of the podium.   Pete Billington put himself on the national map with a third place in the Sprints against much more seasoned competition.  And the biggest pull of the night has to be Daniel Farinha who rode a fantastic points race, with junior gearing i might add, to get third place against a top notch field filled with pro’s, journeymen and the various ronin of west coast tracks.  Farinha just became the Luke Skywalker of Hellyer Velodrome… let’s hope he’s got another year of high school before college ruins him. (UPDATE: Word on the street is Farinha graduated on Friday!  Hope you pick a college with a good cycling program!)  Even though they weren’t wins each one of these riders put it down and moved up a notch with their performances.

    Next up at the track… More crazy Friday Nite Fights on June 25.  Wear a superhero costume and get a free beer or something.



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    1. June 17, 2010 at

      The young Jedi graduated HS on Friday! That’s why he only had one night to battle Carney. I’m sure hoping for a sequel! :))

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