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    Big win by the Boston Brawler

    meggerswins.jpgTIBCO’s Megan Guarnier wins the Tour d’ Nez prologue!!!  Megan G took another win in her gathering storm of form this summer.  This year’s Nez will be a criterium specialist’s delight, and big MiG will have a strong chance at winning the overall omnium and looting the big race’s substantial prize purse.

    TIBCO holds two leads around the nation now, as Alison Starnes grips the top rung in the Nature Valley Grand Prix after her fantastic time trial effort.  The win by Starnes is huge and is one more indication of just how much potential is thundering under the surface in the TIBCO rider.

    Stage 3 was cancelled at the NVGP due to tornado warnings, or some such mid-western crazytalk.  But, the hots will be on display again today … so be sure to check out the action on the interwebs and give a cheer to the locals crushing it up big.

    Speaking of locals …

    NorCal’s Scotty Zwizanski won the men’s opening time trial in the NVGP and again dips himself into gold in front of a field of top American racers.  Zwizza is a crowd favorite and well respected in the peleton … so, there will be some serious applause if the big man can defend the jersey against the inevitable onslaught.

    CalGiant’s Jesse Moore broke the 40K time trial record out at Sattley this past weekend … a huge result for the man who has been putting in some of the most consistent and panache-filled results all year long.  Fantastic result for the Berry rider and shows that the team is looking very, very good for the upcoming Elite National Championships in Bend, OR.

    molly.jpgLook for Moore to shine.

    Metromint Molly Van Houweling won the women’s time trial championship in Sattley with another powerful display of her specialty. MVH on a TT bike is like watching two-wheeled ballet … grace and power.


    Speaking of beautiful …

    murphers.jpgFor those who don’t know Murphy ‘the’ Mack ~ or haven’t seen him in one of Sheila Moon’s skinsuits ~ Murphy is pretty much the coolest, hippest, baddassest dude on a bike this side of NewYorkBikeSnob.

    He’s tossing together a salad of bike riding and nose-tweaking this weekend up in Marin … so, check it out and support the good cause, Marine County Bicycle Coalition.

    But read it from the horse’s mouth:

    “murphy here.

    i’m putting together this little fun ride…

    so some people that have seen the poster for the ride this sunday have not heard about or know the meaning of the ‘two wheeled locust’.

    there are two people in particular in the bay area that have been hating on MTB and mountain bikers for over 15 years. they start flame wars in forums, message boards and they used to go to a lot of land access meetings to lobby against ANY MTB access. they would say that if you opened any trail to mountain bikers they would “descend like a swarm of two wheeled locust” and destroy everything in their path. they used this “two wheeled locust” as a derogatory term for mountain bikers for years in their writings and on their websites.

    locust_web_big.jpgso, this is my homage to them. it’s the Marin County Two-Wheeled-Locust.

    also, the locust is a cousin of the grasshopper, there seem to be a lot of them in sonoma county.

    bring a camera or camera phone! bring sunscreen. mixed terrain = road, rocks and dirt. bring any bike you like.

    40ish miles. self supported. party at the finish line. we have a permit, so bring your manners too please!



    faster isn’t always better, but it’s always more fun.”

    ‘These bladder-wheeled bicycles are diabolical devices of the demon of
    darkness. They are contrivances to trap the feet of the unwary and
    skin the nose of the innocent. They are full of guile and deceit. When
    you think you have broken one to ride and subdued its wild and Satanic
    nature, behold it bucketh you off in the road and teareth a great hole
    in your pants. Look not on the bike when it bloweth upon its wheels,
    for at last it bucketh like a bronco and hurteth like thunder. Who has
    skinned legs? Who has a bloody nose? Who has ripped breeches? They
    that dally along with the bicycle.’
    – from a Baltimore sermon in 1896

    Friday Night – June 25th … get your SuperHero on!

    Bell Lap Racing is sponsoring a night of track riding, beer drinking, and superhero’d spandex debauchery.


    ’nuff said.

    See you there … i’ll try not to be too obnoxious on the mic (this time).

    – – –



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