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    This is going to be a quick one … so, let’s start out with some headlines:

    San Rafael is gonna be packed!

    picture13.pngIf you’ve never been up to the northern territories to mix it up in this race … you’re really missing out on some fun. San Rafael puts on a pretty good show and the crowds are usually hip and deep into the scene ~ tossing out all kinds of love to the racers as they zoom up and down the overpriced hoochy town.

    CalGiant is sending their freshly sprouted National Crit Champion, Steve Reaney.  He’s going to have to go against a few Bahati Foundation riders, as well as a very hungry and determined set of Yahooligans.  This is also the event that launched McGuire Cycling’s Randy Bramblett on to the map a couple years back … so look for Brambles and his teammate Sterling Magnell to be up there and doing their best to smash and dash to the line.

    Another crew to look out for to grab the win will be the Williams Wheels contingent – Daniel Ramsey is back from injury and he’s going to be joined by a slew of quadrisauruses like the brothers Gritters, Wiscovitch & bigbadBobNewman.  These fellas are aching for a big NorCal win.

    And who knows if the enigmatic Danny Holloway will be there … but if he is ~ place money on him for the big V.

    The women’s field will be contested with lighter than usual squads from PeanutButter&Co and TIBCO – but all the rest of the NorCal regulars will be there and very much in the action.  3rd Pillar’s Martina Patella has put together a string of top placings these past few weeks … so, she is a very strong darkhorse pick for the win.  Another rider to watch is Los Gatos’ Mary-Ellen Ash, as she’s been moving up in the rankings on each field sprint over the past month – and she always gets a big win during a season.


    But if there’s a breakaway … you’ll likely see PB’s Olivia Dillon in it.  The woman is on a tear this year, a true breakout season for the Irish woman.  She raced very well at Fitchburg last week and if she has recovered from all her travel recently – look for her to crush away from the field late and cross the line solo.
    – – –

    Lodi, Lodi, Lodi!

    This town really turns out the style for their criterium.  It’s an incredibly pleasant downtown area … so, definitely check it out if you’ve never been there.  The Michael David Winery is putting on a great show for the racers and townfolk ~ you will not want to miss this event.

    The Lodi Crit is a sufferfest that you actually enjoy putting yourself through.  Sick.

    Downieville calling

    yubalogo.gifOh … how I wish I could race this event.  Downieville is one of the classics of NorCal mountain biking and a better party on dirt you’ll never find. There’s so much to talk about with this event … that I reckon I’ll just shut my trap now ‘cuz I’m out of time and needing more of it to do the race any kind of justice.

    Just check it out sometime soon … and remember you can ride those trails even if there’s no racing.  Make a weekend getaway memorable.
    – – –

    Too much to do, not enough umpf to get ‘er done.  Hope to see ya’ll out there on bikes.  Soak it up, friends.  The world needs more people on bikes.  So, ambassador yo’selves out there and convert some masses.



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