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    I hate, hate, hate, that people cannot update their website’s in a timely manner with an accurate roster.  What is wrong with you people?  Hernando will even go and post a quick press release for you (as he did for the ever organized Giant Strawberries and Specialized crews.) And please send him your press releases as getting some new content flowing would be nice. Lacking any info I decided to go dig it up on my own – I will update as folks send me info.  I have taken top 10, and a few others, from the BAT for Elite categories and tried to track down the latest rosters from NorCal’s best.  I’ve started with the women since they are 1. More interesting and 2. 10 Times more organized….

    Team Roster
    Touchstone Climbing Who will pop out out of the Touchstone program this year?  Heather Pryor had a great start at Redlands last year and the program always produces some great racers.

    Roster: Ann Stuart, April Hamlin, Beverly Chaney, Elis Bradshaw, Carol Irving, Heather Nielson, Heather Pryor, Marissa Axell, Marley Smith, Nicole Dolney

    Fremont Bank  Formerly Wells Fargo, which changed its name to Team Lead Out, which changed its name to Fremont Bank Cycling Team.  Somebody there knows a few bank tellers.  With all that activity i think it’s about time to put up your roster as California’s newest “Super Team.”  I know they got Beth Newell who might try to unleash some Hellyer fury on the unsuspecting roadie community.

    Roster: Beth Newell.

    Metromint First of all move the women’s team ABOVE the mens team on your roster page.  Aside from the fact that I have no idea who any of those guys are i think you should be seriously promoting your strong women’s roster.  Super TTer Van Houweling, Up and Comer Annie Fulton, and NorCal icon Yukie Nakamura are all calling metromint home.  Now if you would just do something about that jersey….

    Roster: Mary-Ellen Ash, Jane Robertson, Molly Van Houweling, Julie Bellerose, Rae Brownsberger, Annie Fulton, Anny Henry, Ryan Hostetter, Yukie Nakamura, Rikke Preisler, Rebecca Rising, Amanda Seigle

    Los Gatos As most of the elite program have migrated to other teams (Metromint and Webcor) I assume Los Gatos will have a few rebuilding years.  Why mention them at all? They still have Kira Prokopakis – who is the kind of rider that will be going places if she sticks with it.

    Roster: Kira Prokopakis

    Third Pillar Can’t find a current roster and most of the elite women have migrated to the Red Racing Program.
    Yahoo Cycling Team Who knows what is going on with the Yahoo Cycling Team – Personally I hope they come back since they are the only thing Yahoo! has going for it at the moment.  Given that they only had one woman rider, Jane Despas, who racked up enough points by herself to put Yahoo! 6th in Elite Womens BAT, it’s probably a safe bet that they don’t need any more riders.  Why mess with a good thing.

    Roster: Jane Despas

    Red Racing

    Formerly: Dolce Vita

    Don’t know any back story here but looks like the elite women of Dolce Vita and Third Pillar have banded together to create the Red Racing program. They got horsepower, they got a Facebook Fan Page, now they just have to win some races!

    Roster: Patricia Black, Amy Heine, Janelle Kellman, Katie Kindt, Karla Kingsley, Allyson Kutler, Kate Landau, Kate Ligler, Mary Magnani, Emily Mathieu,Megan Melack, Michelle Melka, Juliette Olson, Martina Patella,Christine Riker, Amy Russo, Cheryl Shwe, Kim White

    Webcor Pro Builders The longest active women’s team in the peloton had to fold this year drawing Webcors long history in both Men and Women’s pro cycling to an end.
    Webcor Alto Velo WIth the pro team out of the way the “Bridge Team” will be picking up some of the pro team’s resources including the directing talents of Karen Brems and Katheryn Curi Mattis who will be jumping in to join Andi Smith who runs the program. If Mary Maroon can teach the younger women to ride some crits the Webcor team could be a contender rather than a wild card this year.

    Roster: Jane Wolcott, Emily Foxman, Haley Juno-Galdes, Mary Maroon, Rebecca (Bec) Werner

    Team Affinity

    Formerly: Team iPass

    I envision a future for the Affinity Team where they become a masters women super team like Morgan Stanley or Safeway and Specialized.  With they key riders topping 40 they should focus on developing masters talent and getting older riders competitive at the P/1/2 races.  If Jeanni Longo can still medal at worlds then this would be a great niche to fill in NorCal, and area rich in resources.

    Roster: Aimee Baker, Joanna Bechtel , Laurie Furman , Monica Holt , Jen Jordan, Sonja Klein, Kim Ladd

    Davis Bike Club I got nothing on Davis.  Time to update your roster folks.
    Vanderkitten Wait – Liz Hatch isn’t on Vanderkitten?  Seriously though…New team Director Jono Coulter has to be happy he didn’t take a job with the Pegasus project.  Luckily for NorCal the transplant is putting his time into rejuvenating the on again off again Vanderkitten program.  Combining veteran road captain Jen Reither with sasy youngsters Jazzy Hurikino, and Maura Kinsella might be a way to put this program on solid footing for an extended period of time

    Roster: Jennifer Weinbrecht, Vanessa Drigo, Maura Kinsella, Jasmin Hurikino, Starla Teddergreen, Anna Lang, Jennifer Reither

    Peanut Butter 2012 They lost Shelley and Mara Abbot but they picked up Kristen Armstrong.  Does this mean that Armstrong is going to do Merco?  How cool would that be. After picking up Alison Starnes Peanut Butter-2012 has an even stronger NorCal influence with local riders Hannan, Kat, Olivia, and Ruth Winder.  I pick Winder as Peanut Butter’s break out star – and thats saying something on a team that has both Antonneau and Rivera.

    Roster: Kristin Armstrong, Kaitie Antonneau, Katharine Carroll, Olivia Dillon , Cari Higgins , Hanan Alves-Hyde, Kristin McGrath , Greta Neimanas, Coryn Rivera , Alison Tetrick Starnes , Lauren Tamayo, Alisha Welsh, Tayler Wiles, Ruth Winder, Sara Youmans

    Tibco Not much local going on with Tibco any more.  They picked up some serious talent with Powers, Whitten, and Willock so they will be making a big run at the North American stage races.  Megan Gaurnier is the local rider to watch – she’ll be winning some local races before heading off with the US National team and hitting the Euro circuit with Tibco (which is one of a few UCI Women’s teams.)

    Roster: Joelle Numainville, Alison Powers, Carlee Taylor, Tara Whitten, Erinne Willock, Megan Guarnier, Joanne Kiesanowski, Emma Mackie, Meredith Miller, Samantha Schneider



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    1. Anonymous
      January 1, 2011 at

      what’ the deal with hecht?! i know you know!

    2. January 1, 2011 at

      Sources say Hecht is still in Europe and making noise about finding a “real job.” My prediction is she jumps in with the Webcor team for select races and wins 1 crit a year before making a full fledged comeback when she turns 32 in 2019.

    3. January 2, 2011 at

      Happy to see the site up and firing again Hernando!!! Should be a great Women’s Season for sure!

      Dont forget NorCal’s Kachorek and Rachetto on Primal/ Map My Ride.


    4. January 2, 2011 at

      1. I’m not Hernando
      2. Primal/Map My Ride is a Colorado team, so they are appropriately left out of an article about NORCAL TEAMS!
      3. Only Hernando get’s to give his girlfriend unreasonable plugs.


    5. January 7, 2011 at

      Bed Turns
      1. Got that
      2. The lines were blurred
      3. Im not Billy crane
      4. I owe you

      Why Dont you make like a tree, and get the hell outta here…

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