• 2011 Rosters – The Old, The Young, and those that show up

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    These rosters are an annoying amount of research given that none of the mens teams, except Specialized Masters, California Giant, and Metromint – seem to be able to put out a roster.  I tried to make a call or two and had some success.   Interesting thing about NorCal rosters… there are A LOT of good, and some great, old guys (35+) racing at the elite level and only a handful of good younger guys.  I suppose all the good sub -30 riders get snapped up (Mach, Talansky, Mooney) or get real jobs (Rand, Soltren.)  The masters/development team concept as pioneered by Cal Giant and utilized by other teams like Specialized, Yahoo!, and to a lesser degree Webcor, is a great model for other teams in need of a raison d’etre.  Send me corrections and updates

    Team Roster
    Yahoo Cycling Team As a former Y! employee I can honestly say that the only good thing to come out of Sunnyvale the last 5 years is their cycling team.  Say what you want about Klein, he got it done in 2010.  Since they ONLY active rider according to USA Cycling is Nate English, a known climber, perhaps they are expanding their horizons beyond NorCal crates and west coast stage races. Or, given that they still have not registered the team with USA Cycling, maybe they are in the same purgatory as Delicious. USA Cycling Club status says expired – management oversight or one year wonder.  I hope they are here to stick around.

    Roster: Nate English
    California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized  Great mix of elite masters guys like Mattis and Reaney, and up and coming talent like Moore, Stastny, and Lucas.  The older guys could use some “manners” coaching but the mix of youth and experience has made this one of the hot US programs for younger riders to develop in.  Quick note to team manager – might want to send in your USA Cycling fees, they have you down as inactive!

     Jared Barrileaux, John Bennett, Tyler Brandt, Evan Huffman, John Hunt, Eamon Lucas, James Mattis, Keith Miller, Jesse Moore, Ozzie Olmos, Sam Pickman, Steve Reaney, Chris Stastny, Benny Swedberg, Peter Taylor, Brandon Trafton, Nathan Wilson
    Webcor/Alto Velo Yet another team split between some elite level masters (Wilk, MacNeil, Robertson) and some young turks wanting to make a go of it (Fraga, Miller, Clark.)  If they can field a full team for Nor Cal races Webcor can be a factor when the hills don’t show up.  Still without their Fabulous Frenchman Fabrice who knows if the boys can stay motivated.

    Roster: Rand Miller, Justin Fraga, Joel Robertson, Hendrik Pohl, Sean Smith, Carmi Schulman, John Wilk, Billy Crane, Rob MacNeil , Dylan Clark
    Team Clif Bar Cycling I can’t even begin to reconcile the teams webpage, with USA Cycling so who actually knows what the roster is going to be like in 2011. Team Cliff Bar shows up in force for local crits and can win a small P/1/2 road race early in the season.  They need to pick up a winning sub-30 project or just face the music and give up on the P12 dream, and become a masters team.

    Roster: Blake Anton, John Bergmann, Barry Frey, Paul Kronser, Michael McIntyre, Doran Mori, Josh Rennie, Dylan Seguin, Mark Shimahara
    Metromint Cycling Metromint’s strong ties to Stanford have made it a embarcation point for many riders moving up through the NorCal ranks like Ryan Parnes and Jared Barrilleux.  That said  none of the names on the current roster are jumping out at me except Rob Meyer who had a surprising podium at Elite Track Nationals Pursuit in 2009.  These guys should really target 3-4 races to get a big win under their belt and shed the “club” image they got going right now.

    Roster:  Connor Spencer, Ethan Atkins, Mark Fairman, Rob Dahl, Max Haines-Stiles, Elliot Hawkes, Ariel Herrmann, Robert Meyer, Travis T
    Williams Cycling I’m not exactly clear where Delta ends and Williams takes over but they got Andres Gil who can do some damage when Cal Cup time comes around.  However… Andres and his boys are aging, and look like they are hitting some of the masters races more frequently.  Still – if they refocus they might be able to squeak up a spot or two.

    Roster: Andres Gil, Keith Szolusha, Doug Hall, Damian Gonzalez, NathanielChristensen, Nick Diaz, Josh Carling, Bob Newman, Nathan Diaz (who will kick your ass!)
    McGuire They will never go away. Never.  They are like cockroaches. Charlie Moore is like a rock and he’s going to keep this team going come hell or high water.  The infamous Dave McCook, and rejuvenated Rob Evans (experienced crit monkies) are both taking a crack at it this year for Mr. Moore.

    Roster:  Dave McCook, Sergei Badeka, Jim Ryan, Rob Evans, Elliot Jaramillo, Joe Dickerson, Martin Acosta.
    Los Gatos I can’t believe they even had any points towards the BAT so I went and looked and it was a split 80/20 between Jose and Turner. Jose is in that under 25 category so anybody looking for some younger riders would be wise to pick him up.

    Roster:Jose Soltren, Chris Turner
    Team Specialized Racing What do you get when you put together a bunch of former pro’s, should have been pro’s and will probably be pros?  You get the national super masters outfit known ans Team Specialized Racing. Larry is a saint for putting up with young and old prima donnas – but they are all strong freaks of nature.  The kids seem to be more competitive every year at the Elite races too… whats up with that?

    Roster: Already posted Check it Out



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    5 Responses to 2011 Rosters – The Old, The Young, and those that show up

    1. Josh Rennie
      January 4, 2011 at

      Thanks for the mention Hernando, better than last year when you called us posers who just want to show up and model our kits. We are actually almost split 50/50 between masters eligible guys who drink Ensure and college kids downing PBR.

    2. styler
      January 4, 2011 at

      Kronser and Anton on Team Cliff Bar are both under 30 and very capable of winning. I think with a little team work we can get them into positions to challenge.

    3. Joel
      January 5, 2011 at

      Wilk? A master?? He wishes!

      No, he is still a youngster. I will not be ‘allowed’ to race masters so will be doing so under a psydonym.

    4. Ceej
      January 5, 2011 at

      Pretty sure Clif won’t be a “masters team” with the collegiate national champ Blake Anton and other new additions. Andy Goessling is 22, CJ Dudley is 23, and Pete Morris is 25. Lots of up and coming talent.

    5. styler
      January 5, 2011 at

      Paul Kronser is 26 as well. Its around a 50/50 split of those that could race masters and the rest of us that can only race the P/1/2. Hopefully we can put on a good show and get solid approval from Hernando.

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