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    The Pen Velo boys def know how to put on a race. They kill it with the Burlingame Crit every year and then kick off each year with the San Bruno Hill Climb.  Of course, i will probably never go to San Bruno for this race, and I’m hoping for the blow by blow from Hernando who was actually present for the race.  Until then, I have to content myself with the bits i gather from various social media sources, and Pen Velo’s timely results, so here is what i got.

    San Bruno Race Results

    1. Nate English: Currently the ONLY rider active for the 2010 NorCal heavyweight Yahoo!, threw down and won with a time of 14:52 a minute faster than anybody else.

    2. Rand Miller was too hung over to show up claiming he had over 12 alcoholic beverages which is impossible given that he weights about 140 lbs. I always saw him more as a sipper than a drinker.

    3. Beth Newell, a member of NorCal’s newest SuperTeam, won the women’s field.  NorCal women climbers should be ashamed to have a trackie win the first climbing event.

    4. Remember this name: Daniel Velasco, he had the third best time, amongst the entire field, riding in the back with the Cat 5 sad sacks.  Is this fixie hipster converting to the real thing?

    5. Hernando did not get beat by his girlfriend.  I don’t know what to think about that.



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