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    While I chase down results from the various early bird races, and i heard the P123 crit was a bit of a circus, and got a few good reports though no results yet. Here are a few team items i thought were cool to hold you for a few hours while i track down the story.

    Red Racing: The Red Racing gals posted some cool team pic’s on the facebook site.  I think there are pro-teams out there that could learn from this photo shoot.


    The Red Racing kits are another Martina Patella creation … a woman who needs to be enlisted by a few teams out there for kit design.

    – – –

    California’s newest super team – Fremont Bank has finalized their roster – which you can read about in more detail in their Men’s Blog and Women’s Blog.  The women’s team looks like a contender, especially for the crit scene.  I can’t get a good read on the men’s team – none of the names are popping out, but there could be some sleepers in there that would push them up into the top 5 in BAT.  The team sent me a nice press release – and noted how several of their riders moved to the Pistachio “Pro” Team before the season started. I’m sure the newly minted pro’s will be back wishing they had stayed local after they get stranded at some NRC race.

    Fremont Bank Cycling – Women 1/2
    fbkit.pngAmy Chandos
    Beth Newell
    Susannah Breen
    Tanja Meyer Tamguney
    Annie Malouin
    Cody Graf
    Catherine R-Goodkin

    Fremont Bank Cycling – Men 1/2
    Aaron Snovel
    Todd Stone
    Julian Martinez
    Michael Jasinski
    Mark Marquez
    Brad Ahrens
    Rob Scheffler
    Jered Gruber
    Ryan MacDonald
    Adam Ross
    Peter Graf
    Alex Blease
    Nick Oliver
    Andrew Kennedy
    Mark Deterline

    Fremont Bank Cycling – DEVELOPMENT RIDERS
    Christina Yglesias
    Anthony Lopipero
    William Myers
    Ashley Norris Gruber
    Tanya Davis
    Francesca Barsamian
    Mara Rieden
    John Constas



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    5 Responses to Team News and Early Birds: Send Me Results!

    1. rkilun
      January 24, 2011 at

      That’s not very nice about the Pistachio team.

    2. mrg
      January 24, 2011 at

      wow… Red? Those white kits are going to be the cycling equivalent of a wet t-shirt contetst come first rainy crit.
      more cowbell!

    3. HERNANDO!!!
      January 24, 2011 at

      that’s Bed Turns … stirring the shitpot again

      who has details about what he terms “a bit of a circus” in the early bird crit yesterday?

    4. January 24, 2011 at

      A few details from far away the finish line “Meet the Teams booth”:
      There was a crash midway through the last P1/2/3s event with a Dolce Vita rider getting hurt, and then taken away by ambulance. Therefore The “P1/2&3” field rode around about 20 minutes in neutralized mode, while they took care of the injured rider. When the race resumed it was only a 5 lap sprint with the bigger teams ( Cliff Bar, Team Specialized, McGuire, Team Mike’s Bikes) jockeying for position with ex pro “Fast Freddy” ( now with Team Specialized..as if they needed him!)”slashing” through the field on the final lap. No one was talking about who won, but how it turned out to be a testosterone filled final few laps!

    5. January 24, 2011 at

      No way! Fast Freddie is on Specialized Masters squad? That’s something… i’m not sure what… but it’s something. What’s his day job these days – we had a bunch of cool side projects before, did any of them take off?

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