• What Exactly is an Aggie other than a Crit?

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    teamaggie_logo2.gifAs i started a quick write up of Saturay’s feature race, the Cal Aggie Crit, I got side tracked as I tried to figure out what and “aggie” actually was. In the back of my head i figured it was a cow breed – probably based on my limited knowledge of Texas A&M, who i thought were represented by longhorns, which i assumed was a breed of cow. My ignorance rocked my world.- Longhorns, and i am sure almost everybody but me knows, refers to University of Texas mascot, not to the mascot Texas A&M- Longhorn also refers to a big ass block of cheese.– Texas A&M mascot is actually a weak looking lassie kind of dog.- Davis’s Aggie mascot is a mustang named Gunrock. Coolest. Name. Ever.- Aggie is also a nickname for Agamemnon. I should have named my kid that.- Aggie really just refer’s to a schools past as an agricultural center.Needless to say, i learned a lot while trying to come up with a quick joke factoid as i posted some photos.cimg1379.jpgWomen’s CritBeth Newell came out on top in a sprint finish against the Primal Wear – Map My Ride duo of Rachetto and Kachorek. Beth was quite proud of what is now her fourth win of the year, since its the first field that women showed up to race in force. Last week she was the only P123 rider to show up and resorted to racing with the masters men. Given that she is STILL winning, now that the racing bears have emerged from their hibernation, Beth will be a rider to keep an eye on. Rachetto is another interesting story as she’s been around forever, and raced at a high level for top US teams and and in Italy since the early part of the century, ie. early 2000’s. Her current team is based out of Colorado, but it would be great to see those black and pink jersey’s ripping it up the local scene this spring.Men’s CritThe men’s race was put to rest by a four man break comprised of winner Adam Switters, Rand Miller, Evan Huffman, and Keith Hillier. Switters outsprinted The Rand, much to Rand’s surprise, after a break my colleague Hernando termed “very strong.” After a year in the grips of Darth Klein and the Yahoo Death Star Switters chimed in a few weeks ago with an update on his situation.”No Adam Switters since I have moved out to Virginia for graduate school. I will be however back in Cali till mid-march till I move there more permanently.”Grad school is a great place for talented cyclists to hone both their cycling and professional skills. Plus – it improves the gene pool – we need more Reaney professor types who can up the tactical-smarty pants side of racing.If you have any Sunday racing tidbit drop us a line.



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    2 Responses to What Exactly is an Aggie other than a Crit?

    1. Bennett
      January 31, 2011 at

      hey mike – the early bird was awesome on sunday. we had 14 people show up, half were specialized. it started raining after we got going, and then i launched larry nolan and dave mccook into their winning ride after getting punked off the split. then i tried to pull them back by myself for the next 40 min, which somehow didn’t work. no crashes, it was sweet.

    2. HERNANDO!!!
      January 31, 2011 at

      Bennett – you’d have crushed it out at the CCCX course on Sunday. definitely head down there for one of them before the masters district RR. you’ll be a favorite for a win if you want to do the 35s for a jersey.

      and early bird crits are stupid.

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