• Fast Freddie Joins NorCal Juniors to Destroy the P12 Field in 2011

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    Is this the face of your doom or a nice way to get more kids riding?


    So while i think that it is totally lame that Larry and Wyatt are stacking their masters super squad with their biggest former pro yet, i do like it that Fast Freddie is back on the NorCal radar.  Rodriguez has been one of the least offensive US cyclists in recent years, and faded out of the spot light at just the right time to avoid the current mess that pro-cycling is entangled in.  He even seemed to avoid the negative press and bad feelings that shadowed the Rock Racing squad as they rose and fell in the pro scene.  The news is big enough that it made it onto Velonews radar, though maybe they could spend a few minutes to write a women’s Qatar preview like Podium Cafe (which is not without it’s own issues since apparently PC can’t find enough space for a line or two about top US/NorCal talent like Megan Guarnier and Ali Starnes.  Though… they did get in a dig about former local Jackson Stewart which was kinda funny if a little unwarranted at this stage.)

    Freddie started a foundation  (FFF) circa 2006 to help younger disadvantage riders when he was at the top of his game.  According to public documentation FFF’s work slowed down as his racing career brought him back to the states.  2008 was hard times but the cool thing is that even though the money might have dried up Freddie looks like he’s continuing the mission  of the FFF through actual coaching and mentoring.  Take that you Loco L’s… now that’s giving back.  As if we needed one more guy helping David B. and Larry beat up folks each week.

    Of course… Larry Nolan is still a saint, I mean come on, teenage juniors and high maintenance masters? Every press release should have a quick blurb on his otherworldly powers as a racer, coach, and race promoter.   Not to mention people like him.  The full press release is below…


    “Fast” Freddie Rodriguez to Join Team Specialized Racing

    One of the Most Accomplished US Professional Cyclists Will Mentor and Race alongside Junior Team, Providing Hands-On Experience and Leadership

    Palo Alto, Calif. (January 28, 2011) —

    Team Specialized Racing has announced its newest member, “Fast” Freddie Rodriguez, one of the United States’ most accomplished professional cyclists. Freddie will join the organization as a board member, mentor and racer, competing in select professional-category races alongside his junior teammates to help achieve the goal of becoming the number one junior team in the United States.

    Rodriguez is recognized as one of the all-time leading US cyclists, with palmares that include three USPRO championships, a Giro d’Italia stage win, podium finishes at one-day classics including Milan- San Remo and Gent-Wevelgem, plus stage podium finishes the Tour de France, Giro d’ Italia and Vuelta de Espana. With Team Specialized Racing, Rodriguez will impart his vast experience with a hands-on, on-the-road approach to the development of the junior squad’s 14 riders ages 14-18.

    Joining Team Specialized is part of an overall commitment by Rodriguez to participate in the development of junior riders. His Fast Freddie Foundation, which was formed five years ago, supports young cyclists in their endeavors to pursue athletic goals while also encouraging them to remain committed to education. The Foundation has been a supporter of Team Specialized Racing’s junior program from the onset.

    “Giving back to the sport and contributing to the development of our next generation of riders has long been a goal, and why I formed the Fast Freddie Foundation,” said Freddie Rodriguez. “However, instead of cheering from the sidelines, joining Team Specialized was a unique opportunity to be out on the road alongside some of the nation’s leading juniors where the action takes place, teaching them about racing and how to conduct themselves as young men.”

    Rodriguez joins a team that features a unique aspect: a squad of masters comprising former Olympians, former professional cyclists and amateur world and national champions, who mentor and assist in the development of younger teammates. These accomplished masters riders include Larry Nolan, Billy Innes, Dylan Casey, Rob Anderson, Mick Hellman, Craig Roemer, Kevin Metcalfe and Chris Lyman.

    “Team Specialized is focused on junior development and was created with an accomplished squad of cyclists, who serve as mentors to their younger teammates,” said Wyatt Weisel, team founder. “To have someone of Freddie’s talent, success and passion join Team Specialized is not only testament to all that we have accomplished to date, but more importantly speaks to the ambitious goals we have set for the program.”

    2010 was the best year yet for Team Specialized Racing, which culminated with USA Cycling’s “Overall Club of the Year” award for teams of similar size. The team earned a stage win, 2nd general classification and 3rd team general classification at the UCI Nations Cup seven-stage Tour de l’abitibi in Canada. The team achieved multiple victories and podiums at USA Road National Championships and sent numerous riders to the USA National Team in Europe, where races included the UCI Junior World Time Trial Championships and junior edition of Paris-Roubaix.

    In the coming year, the team will focus on the USA Cycling Road National Championships, Track National Championships, the Tour de l’abitibi, and other events. The team is also finalizing its regional and national event schedule with races such as Valley of the Sun, Merco, San Dimas, Nevada City, Cat’s Hill, Tour de Nez, and Sea Otter.

    The team is in its fourth year with equipment sponsor Specialized and will be riding Tarmac SL3 and Tarmac SL2 race bikes equipped with SRAM Red. It will also utilize Specialized S-Works helmets and Specialized S-Works shoes.

    Follow Team Specialized Racing at www.teamspecializedracing.com, Facebook.com/TeamSpecializedRacing, and Twitter.com/SpecializedNCCF.

    – – – – –



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    6 Responses to Fast Freddie Joins NorCal Juniors to Destroy the P12 Field in 2011

    1. February 2, 2011 at

      Definition of “sandbagger” = “anyone who’s faster than I am”. “X was a pro”, “X is unemployed”, “X has no kids”, “X gets free bikes”, … whatever.

      I think it’s great Freddie is racing local.

    2. HERNANDO!!!
      February 2, 2011 at

      spoken from someone who doesn’t have to hold his wheel!

      i’m just continually impressed with the efforts put in by the program put together by Wyatt, Nolan, and all the Specialized cats.

      i can’t but think it’s a fantastic marketing investment by Specialized, as well. the juniors team is branding that company into thousands of young cyclists … over and over again.

      great job, ya’ll. it’s a program that shows older riders can do great things to support young riders.

      we have come a long way in creating strong Junior level programs in Norcal over the past years. Kudos to all programs and folks involved.

      but, it’s a different story for our u-23/25 riders. the new Fremont Bank Cycling team is investing in U-23 riders, as is Whole Athlete Coaching, Cal Giant, and more.

      but, even smaller/less funded teams are trying to bring in u-25 riders – but most don’t have cash to pay for weekly race entrees.

      I think it would be fantastic if promoters in our region and the NCNCA would consider entry fee reductions to u-25 riders so they can afford to race more often.

    3. February 2, 2011 at

      I trully believe that the Nor Cal racing scene is much better for having strong teams like Specialized. It’s great that Specilized has once again raised the bar for other masters teams & juniors. The question is…If Fast Freddie is going “to mentor & race alongside” the Specialized juniors, does this means that he will be wearing one of those EB orange vests at all of the Nor Cal P/1/2 races?

      We all know that David Benkoski & James Laberge are more than capable of finding the front of the pack without having Fast Freddie taking them there!!

    4. February 2, 2011 at

      I think the hope is that Freddie can teach them to find the front of a ProTour pack by teaching them how to race P12 races. I think getting him in an early bird vest would be killing a fly with an elephant gun. HOWEVER… i would pay $100 Hernando Dolla’s if somebody can get me a picture of that. Hernando Dolla’s are good for buying sunshine and smiles on race days.

      To be clear…
      – I don’t think they are sandbagging, i was being tongue in cheek, since i find it challenging to follow larry in a race let a lone several of his minions. I think Dan is projecting.
      – Specialized is a cool program for former/nearly pro masters and juniors, per Hernando’s comment.
      – I’m starting to get sick of how “Fast Freddie” sounds the more i say it.

    5. February 2, 2011 at

      Freddie did mentor the EBs a couple years ago…somebody’s got to have photos.

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