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    There were lots of comments from the masses this week, so i figured i would respond in a post, thus creating a better pageview ranking, and proving once and for all, the blogger is always right.  If people keep up their NCNCA forum like contributions this will give me material every week!  Keep it up.

    In addition, in homage to my favorite TV character, Glee’s Britney, I will try to use one of her one liners as the title for each comments thread I put up.  Double Zombie Rainbow just seems so right to me.


    After five? six? years of not having a W1/2/3 field & without having the addition publicized, it’s not surprising that not many women showed.


    This race has not run a Womens p.1.2.3 field in the recent past and i specifically checked 3 weeks out from the event if this had changed for 2011

     WTF? Because these excuses were made by several of the hardest working proponents in women’s cycling I will spare you a full rant. They moved the race date, never had consistent fields, bad promotion, blah blah blah. I don’t care why you guys, the writers of the comments – who do more than your average joe/jane to further women’s cycling, weren’t there…The point is, where were the other 300 Cat 1/2/3 women in this district? I don’t expect a full field but a 1% turn out is stupid.

    easy to lap the field when there are what 5 girls consisting of team mates and juniors.

    Wow – I hope Mary finds you and beats you up cause that’s just the lame-o type of comment that deserves all kinds of commentary. Here is why your well articulated comment is stupid. 1. Lapping the field is hard regardless of the field. Go down to hellyer and try it out. 2. Your are obviously in need of a hug. That means you are weak and should be drummed out of NorCal where only the hard survive. 3. Those juniors would probably kick your ass too. 4. Maroon did not have any teammates.

    Were we in the same race? Hooptie hit it out of the hairpin after Joel R almost yard-saled (sailed?)the 2nd turn on a lead-out mission gone awry.

    Ummm… i have no idea who you are. For the record, i’m always right. But… i will say i had poor vision into the back side of the course cause CCCX keith totally bogarted my camera shot, as his excitement at Loader’s move distracted him from social pleasantries, such as… stepping right in front of me. Either way i got distracted to make sure i got the sprint on video. If folks have corrections, alternate versions of events, shoot me a note and I will update it. I will put an email on the side panel this afternoon. For the record.. i love the expression “yard-sailed.”

    Practice Crit? Please. The Brisbane Crit is technical, narrow, and demanding; in other words, it’s awesome.

    As parking lot crits go this is aces. Plus, Tom always has a great announcer so you can take a flyer, hear your name, and go home happy. No reason not to do this one.

    Cherry Pie

    I wouldn’t blame ex-pros as much as the dumb-ass riders that think that turn was where i’m gonna “make my move” & go 2 or 3 wide through it. Happens every time.

    If something “happens every time” isn’t it just part of racing? It’s like… “I hate sun tans. And then, this morning, the sun came up, and i got a sun tan. It happens every time.” I can’t tell if that’s reads as funny as it sounds in my head, so keep me posted. Anywayssssss… I don’t think this is an amateur vs. pro issue. At Downers Grove there was always that last lap, last corner crash and the survivors were the winners.  People are going to take chances that last lap, especially if its not balls out fast.  Knowing that fact either get in the mix or out of the way.



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    4 Responses to Double Zombie Rainbow – Peanut Gallery Highlights

    1. HERNANDO!!!
      February 8, 2011 at

      brisbeen suuuuckkks.

      but that’s just my opinion.

      more to the point, promoters shouldn’t just think that because they toss a race up on the calendar that people are going to come. marketing is marketing. and Pilarcitos does no media outreach other than complain about how cyclocross riders … complain.

      i looked back on the ncnca email lists – nothing. there was a post on the ncnca forum … which NOBODY reads except bitter 45+ OCDs.

      but moreover, if you want a new racing population to come out to an event – outreach to them directly. there are a ton of women’s clubs that can be reached via social media, direct email … or even through this website.

      Bed Turns has his head up his butt on this one – which is why we’re going to make a perfect team on the newly improving norcalcyclingnews.com. cuz i talk out my ass.


    2. February 8, 2011 at

      “The point is, where were the other 300 Cat 1/2/3 women in this district?”

      Probably the same place as the three of us in the gallery, unaware of the race. Not a single email to the NCNCA listserve saying the field has been added. I’ll say it again, bummer for the race AND the racers, but I won’t for a second say it’s all the racers’ fault.

      You didn’t really expect to start a post with “The women’s field was embarrassingly small so I wouldn’t be surprised if Pilarcitos packs it in and makes it an all men’s affair at some point in the future.” & not get any flack for it, did you? Particularly when it IS pretty much an all-men’s affair already (last year there were no women’s fields – I checked)? Come on, now.

      I do agree with you on a couple points: Mary kicks ass & Brittany is awesome.

    3. February 8, 2011 at

      1. I’m still laughing at “Pilarcitos does no media outreach other than complain about how cyclocross riders … complain.” I love them but its funny cause its true.

      2. Hernando is talking out of his ass! Match, Game, and Set! Ted wins.

      3. Flack from Ellis/Jono/Hernando is fine – what i was hoping for was maybe some of the masses would react. They didn’t. Guess they don’t know where the internet racing action is either. That or they are just apathetic and waiting to get steamrolled by Newell, Marron, and Rachetto in the spring since they are the only women racing (please note that as the hyperbole that it is.)

    4. Nick T
      February 8, 2011 at

      The ex-pros crossing going off course was about the bottom corner of the old Brisbane Circuit race, and I think there is a clear distinction between that and accidents that happen every year at Downers Grove. Some where choosing to use the lane on the other side of the cones as an extra lane for passing, which is in-excusable for anyone with experience and who cares about keeping a course from being eliminated. Okay, I’ve never done Downers Grove, so maybe the pros there are choosing to wreck.

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