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    Keirin and sprint specialist, and hard core Hellyer-ite, Gio Rey has put out a few track specific apps that are awesome if riding the boards is your thing. We need more stuff like this since we are Silicon Valley and all. Strava, MetriGear, all are out of here but there should be tons … NorCal should be leading on the innovation front in exercise technology.

    Velodrome GearCalc

    For starters check out the Velodrome GearCalc – a gear calculator that will help determine gear inches. Most of the calculators out there are made for fixie hipsters who want to measure skid marks (heh heh) rather than figure out the perfect gear ratio. This once is going to be free for a few days so get on it.


  • The gear chart you always wish you had. Simple, Fast, Easy
  • Calculates both the precise and the “standard” gear inches for all common chainring, cog, tire width combinations.
  • Calculates pacing information given cadence for common distances using the selected gear.
  • velobdog.jpeg


    I once failed to get a friends time right at Hellyer when he was doing his practice starts. I don’t know what i was thinking, but he was surely pissed. There were just so many buttons on the damn stop watch. It was a demanding piece of equipment. This over ever… well, it’s simple and it will email you the results. This one is not free… probably cause it’s way to useful.


  • A sophisticated stopwatch for iPhone.
  • Overcomes the input limitations of the touch screen
  • Integrated immediate emailing of results and split times
  • Optionally calculates speed and cadence for every lap
  • Searchable log book of previous runs
  • Optional 5-beep countdown to start
  • Lap up/down counting modes.
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