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    fever.jpegDid you know fewer people read on the weekend? That’s good cause I’m assuming it means you are out riding your bikes. We get good little updates though via email, twitter, facebook etc. Here are a couple updates to keep you warmed up for Monday.?

    Folsom Crit
    * Beth Newell took the win for the women, followed by Mary Maroon (2nd) and Ruth Winder (3rd.) Incredible consistency from these three riders
    * The men’s P/1/2 was won by Colin Samaan, who is riding for the Pistachio Team after making a splash last year with the Wells Fargo team. Samaan is maturing into a real threat and will be interesting to watch mix it up with the big guns in the NRC.

    Valley of the Sun
    * I’m not sure why this is so appealing but Cat 2’s flock to this race from all over the country. Perhaps is the allure of getting early season upgrade points or perhaps its the promise of warmer weather. What ever the reason NorCal and SoCal really invade this event.
    * Specialized Racing took a full load with kids entered in most juniors races, a few guys racing in the 2’s and some older guys spread out in the 40+ and P/1 category. Metromint also looks like it has a full squad riding, as does Fremont Bank, with a handful of other NorCal folks littered across the different categories.
    * Official TT Results: Larry Nolan and Billy Innes were both positioned well after yesterdays TT in the 40+ as was Chris Lyman in the Elite race. NCCN favorite Benkoski flatted in the Cat 2 TT, but NorCal was saved by Jonathan Lee of Red Peloton (1st!), and the White Bros. who were sitting in 5th and 9th.
    * Metromint leader Molly Shaffer Van Houweling proved that she is a TT animal with a convincing win over he closest competitor. Metromint placed another rider in the 10 ten, and with a full team they should have lots of cards to play to help defend the jersey.
    *Unofficial Road Race Update: Still early, no official resutls, but it looks like David Benkoski made up for his bad luck yesterday and managed 3rd place in the road race. Billy Innes was apparently in the days break with the geezer group.No other updates but we got our ears open.

    *UPDATE: Road Race and GC results have been posted. In the 40+ Innes and Nolan are still in the top 10. If San Luis Obispo is NorCal, which i think it is, Craig Nunes of Arts Cyclery broke into the top 5 in the P/1 race, Lyman is still sitting in the top 20 with another Arts Cyclery rider Matt Carinio. Benkoski was officially 3rd in the road race, behind Fremont Bank phenom Michael Jasinksi who came in 2nd and moved up to 4th in the GC E. Kachorek ruled the road race with a big win for Primal-MapMyRide. Van Houweling is still leading GC with lot’s of other NorCal women sitting in the top 10 (Hutchinson, Robertson, Despas.)

    Send us news if you got it… we are easy to find. Facebook, twitter (@ncalcyclingnews), email… you name it.



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    3 Responses to NorCal Saturday Nite Fever Lite

    1. February 13, 2011 at

      Vince Owens showed up at CCCCCCCX#2, along with what was a big contingent of people (nearly 30?) for the P123. I’m reasonably certain Eamon Lucas could beat me twice in the same sprint, so when Vince attacked (you knew Vince would attack on a hilly course, right?) at the end of lap 1 of 8 I went with and it was the two of us for the next 3 laps. We hammered. We built a gap. I started to falter, we slowed a bit. I cramped up and went all clown-on-a-bicycle off his wheel just as Ethan Atkins and Jonathon McCoy finished bridging up. Que sera sera.

      They didn’t last with Vince either, but Ethan held on in no man’s land for 3 laps to take 2nd (nice work!) as Vince finished it up “with no one else in the picture”. And Eamon beat everyone for the field 3rd, with Bosch 4th (but he won the M35-123 earlier, nice). Glorious day down South for it – full sun, light wind, good temps.

      Hey Russ and Greg – nice work out there at VoS!! Hope you keep it rolling for the GC

    2. February 16, 2011 at

      Thanks for the team shout out regarding VOS….much appreciated!! San Luis Obispo technically is in the SoCal District however our team focuses primarily in the NorCal racing events, since we enjoy the great road races the NCNCA calender provides. So, perhaps you can grant us “Honary NorCal status” for your great local racing news website? Keep up the great local racing ramblings…we dig it!

    3. February 16, 2011 at

      You guys should succeed. How is it even possible that you are in SoCal.

      The movement starts now… Bring SLO to NorCal!

      SLO! SLO! SLO!

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