• Early Sunday Update: CCCX #2

    by  • February 13, 2011 • race coverage • 3 Comments

    cccx2.jpegcccx2.jpegQuick Update on yesterday’s CCCX circuit race
    Pictures of top 5 are available on CCCX website, results should be up in the near future.

    Men 1/2
    Great report from Michael H. in the comments section of yesterday’s post (read it here.) Essentially Vince Owens put the hammer down and there was no going back. Metromint-er Ethan Atiks hung in no-mans land for 2nd and Eamon Lucas won the field sprint for third. Thanks Michael H for the update.

    Women 1/2/3
    Jennie Phillips took the women’s race ahead of Bev Cheany, 2nd and Courtney Dimple (3rd) both returning to form after successful cross seasons. Phillips looks like she has a Ned Overend type of engine given that she could have raced masters but opted to race, and beat up, the fast kids.



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    3 Responses to Early Sunday Update: CCCX #2

    1. Jay Parkhill
      February 13, 2011 at

      Bev is another Ned Overend/Jeannie Longo type. I won’t out her age here but she *has* fast kids of her own and became eligible to race masters a while back.

    2. Steve
      February 13, 2011 at

      by the way Michele Heaton won the race overall. She was signed up for the Woman 35+ and was combined with the Woman 123. Michele out powered everyone to the line. not to take any credit from Jennie just looking to give well earned credit to Michele who is in her late 40’s.
      It was a good showing for the womans race! lets hope it continues to grow into even bigger fields as the season progresses.

    3. Cycle Spin
      February 14, 2011 at

      That was some great racing for all the groups at the CCCX Circuit race. Wow there were so many strong moves by so many riders during the day! I really enjoyed the action, thanks for covering it here.

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