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    2 Responses to Contador is Innocent!

    1. February 15, 2011 at

      This is a really level-headed site – has a good write-up:


      bottom line, the Spanish Federation doesn’t follow the rules, it is likely the UCI won’t follow them, and cycling as a sport – since sport relies on adherence to rules to determine whether any competition is valid – suffers.

      You can argue clenbuterol should have a lower bound to trigger a positive (it does not) and change the rules perhaps, but as currently written, it was detected in his system, he didn’t meet the burden of proof to show it was inadvertent and should’ve gotten a ban. Alas.

    2. Tim
      February 15, 2011 at

      My guess would be that UCI is probably going to take the ruling to the CAS to overturn it. I’m not a fan of El Pistolero, and understand his desire not to lose the ’10 Tour win, but this is silly.

      C’mon Spain, grow a pair and deal with the cheats, both those of Op. Puerto as well as with this case.

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