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    bc_feb.pngAs we watch the PRE SEASON close with some epic rainy cold Belgian style weather and wait for the stories of torture to roll in from Beat The Clock and Cantuna Creek i figured it was a good time to put out a few “Social Network” type of suggestions.

    NUMBER 1. Like NorCal Cycling News on Facebook
    if you are an avid Facebook user following our Fanpage is an easy way to stay on top of recent posts.

    NorCal Cycling News

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    NUMBER 2. Follow Us on Twitter
    Hernando hates the word “tweet” so he won’t touch this but we do have news going out this way too.

    Follow ncalcyclingnews on Twitter

    NUMBER 3. Tag Race Info in Twitter

    Here is the real use for twitter, real time race coverage and results. Eventually we’ll have some t-shirts and schwag to give out for folks tagging race info in twitter. What does this mean? If you send an update to twitter and include a hashtag, which means the # symbol, it makes it easier to find info. So.. if you are at the Beat The Clock TT, and you send an update to twitter like

    “Crappy day to TT! Rain, Sleet, and Snow. Still got under 22 mins. #btc #nccn”

    we can all find the race a little easier. Below are some suggestions for tags to use.

  • [race name]# – ex. cherrypie#
  • nccn#
  • ncnca#
  • norcal#
  • norcalrr#
  • We will try to guide some hashtags in the upcoming races to see if people pick it up at all. Sunday would be a great time for it. Use #pineflat or #nccn and if you are good little racers all kinds of results will pop up and we can then spread the good word through our esteemed website!



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