• #Pineflat & #Dinuba Experiment

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    So my NorCal friends… i feel our twitter experiment is about to take off. I got a few bites and here they are. Sure they are raw and not packed with detail but it’s a start until folks start calling me (DM me on twitter and I we can set that up!) In reverse-time-order…

    Evan Huffman @evanhuffman
    @B_Trafton wins and I came in 4th #dinuba #nccn

    Brandon Trafton @B_Trafton
    #pineflat pro 1/2 results. twitpic.com/41yiqr

    Frank Spiteri @FrankSpiteri
    @marcprostrava went 2-4-6-7-9 at #pineflat road race today!#nccn

    BBC Racing @BBC_Racing Granted that last one might have been tweeting before our twitter request but maybe not. We have some work to do on narative like… “Who, What, How”… but i think these folks get it. Huge thanks to Evan, Frank, Brandon, and the BBC team for getting the Twitter coverage started. I’m out for a few days but will try to get a quick post up if Hernado doesn’t chime in first.

    Here is the original request..which i have hence corrected to ensure that the hashtags work… as designed by Twitter-Monster

    Tag Race Info in Twitter

    Here is the real use for twitter, real time race coverage and results. Eventually we’ll have some t-shirts and schwag to give out for folks tagging race info in twitter. What does this mean? If you send an update to twitter and include a hashtag, which means the # symbol, it makes it easier to find info. So.. if you are at the Beat The Clock TT, and you send an update to twitter like

    “Crappy day to TT! Rain, Sleet, and Snow. Still got under 22 mins. #btc #nccn”

    we can all find the race a little easier. Below are some suggestions for tags to use.

  • #[racename – no spaces] – ex. #cherrypie (make all one word)
  • #nccn
  • #ncnca
  • #norcal
  • #norcalrr
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    2 Responses to #Pineflat & #Dinuba Experiment

    1. February 22, 2011 at

      FYI – Correction to the suggested tas at the bottom: The ‘#’ goes before the hashtag. Also, may want to clarify that there should be no spaces in the tag (#cherrypie, not #cherry pie).
      Love the idea, hope people pick it up…

    2. February 22, 2011 at

      Good catch… thanks.

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