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    If you’re not heading down the MercoMadness next weekend, there’s a lowkey, high energy fundraising event to check out up in Chico, CA.

    Chico isn’t that far away, and it’s an incredible place to spend a weekend on the bike. There’s more details from CHICO CYCLIST:

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    March 5th & 6th, 2011
    3 Stages over 2 days!
    Prizes & Medals to top 3 in each Category!

    traficante.jpgHi Everyone!! This year, our 13-year-old local cycling phenom – Aliya Traficante – is trying her best to get to the Junior National Cycling Championships in Augusta, Georgia this June. But, in order to get to Georgia, she requires some badly needed funding. So, R.A.C.E. is having a fundraiser Omnium to help her get there!! We are asking for donations of $25 to enter the entire Omnium……or donations of $10 per event. Every little bit helps, so come on out to challenge yourself at this upcoming bicycle event – and help out one of our up-and-coming Junior riders at the same time!!

    Stages of the 2011 Aliyamnium:

    Saturday, March 5th – Honey Run Road Uphill Time Trial – 9:00AM – 1st Stage of the Aliyamnium (Rain or shine event!).

    Saturday, March 5th – The Kaleb Kriterium(Chico Airport Criterium course) – 2:00PM – 2nd Stage of the Aliyamnium (Rain or wet pavement will cancel this event!).

    Sunday, March 6th – The Messilla Valley Circuit Race – 9:00AM – 3rd and Final Stage of the Aliyamnium (Rain or shine event!)

    How does it work???
    Okay, in this scenario, an Omnium (or, in this case, The Aliyamnium!) is just a Stage Race using points rather than time – and you do not have to complete one stage in order to do the next stage. You garner points for each stage depending upon how you did in the stage…….and, again, in this particular case………the MOST points wins (many Omniums reverse this and have the least amount of points winning). There will be multiple categories competing in the Aliyamnium (see Categories below). Once entering the Omnium, there will be no downgrades during the event. Categories may be combined, changed or eliminated if not enough folks come out.

    oldskool.jpgMost USA Cycling rules will apply to ALL stages – including WEAR YOUR HELMET, don’t ride too much like a lunatic, and so on and so forth. Please read the section carefully at the bottom of this e-mail for all the rules pertaining to the Aliyamnium. And remember – the only reasons we’re doing this Omnium is for fun, fitness, fundraising for a great cause……and maybe a little competitiveness too – but nothing over-the-top please! Ride safe, have fun, try something new and challenge yourself. Anyone doing any of the stages is automatically entered in the Omnium ………. but consistency in the events will be key to winning the Overall. We will have prizes and medals to the Top 3 in EACH Category – as well as an Awards Ceremony on Sunday afternoon after the Circuit Race.

    The following Categories will be offered in the Aliyamnium:

    Category “A” – Advanced riders.
    Category “B” – Intermediate riders.
    Category “C” – Novice riders.
    Women’s Category
    Men’s Masters 50+ Category in Cat. B
    Junior Category(riders under the age of 16)

    notme1.jpgAnd Finally – ANY rider participating in ALL 3 Stages receives an additional 10 points.  Do you have to do all the stages in order to compete in the Omnium?? No – you can even do just one event and your points will still be calculated and counted in the overall.

    And REMEMBER – Safety come before bragging rights, so be careful!!!   As always, the Director reserves the right to DQ anyone deemed cheating, unsafe or unsportsmanlike (no worries – just be cool like always and all will be good!!).

    Tie-Breaker – If, by chance, it comes down to a TIE after the last stage of the Omnium, the highest placed finisher(of the tied competitors) in the Honey Run Road Uphill Time Trial will be declared the Overall Winner of the “Aliya” Omnium.

    R.A.C.E. – Rodney’s Amateur Cycling Events
    Chico, CA



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    1. David Albrecht
      February 25, 2011 at

      These are good events with a great group of people and they are a lot of fun. It is bicycle racing in its purest form and in support of a worthy cause.

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