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    Life is ShortDespite weather abating it sounds like the Snelling depth wasn’t the same as usual this year. I blame the threats of snow and Hernando’s rant – Hernado is the cause of all that is evil. Unions in Wisconsin, Lance Armstrong’s woes, and that travesty named Colin Firth winning a grammy. Without him the world would be a nicer place. I think all the comment’s i’ve seen will make a good mid week peanut gallery post. Snelling comments aside saw some good twitter, facebook posts keeping us up to date on the weekends activity

    In an unsurprising turn of events ex-Webcor, current Tibco Canadian, Erinne Willock took the women’s race. Willock has been on the verge of being a huge rider for years now, but never quite pulling it off. It would be cool to see her big season start at Snelling, adding to the mythology of the race.

    Equally unsurprising is that Cal Giant took the men’s race. I haven’t received word if the team went “Skins and Shirts” as Cal Giant DS Tony G. promised but I am looking forward to the reports from the trenches. John Bennett, won the men’s race proving his form is right on target to be a favorite in the early NorCal SPRING CLASSICS.

    michelle @loopybunny
    Hey, Erinne Willock (@TeamTibco) won the women’s race today at #Snelling. She’s on my VSD team… do I get points? Probably not.

    Cal Giant Cycling @calgiantcycling
    @JohnAlexBennett delivers the Berries again to the top step of the Podium at the Snelling RR. Congrats!

    Merced Crit
    Tibco’s repeat was spoiled by Swiss interloper, and Cherry Pie winner, Pascal Schnider, ahead of Tibco’s Sam Schneider. There is a good wind down of the last few laps on the @teamTibco twitter account. Despite controlling the race, and the last few laps, sounds like Tibco got punked. Cal Giant didn’t make the same mistake and were able to but Brandon Trafton on winners step of the podium. Fourteen guys from one team in a VeloPromo crit would be weird.

    Team TIBCO @teamTIBCO
    Schneider 2nd. Pascal from Switzerland took the win

    Cal Giant Cycling @calgiantcycling
    Congrats to @B_Trafton on today’s win at the Merced Crit! Great way to start off Camp

    Callville Bay
    I do not know much about this race but a bunch of NorCal folk took a drive over into the badlands of Nevada for “The Most Unique Race in America.” Despite the over the top billing it does look kind of cool. NCCN favorite Logan Loader got into the top 20 of a P1 field that had some heavy hitters. Mike Hardy (Squadra) and several of the Specialized kids rode big to manage top 20 finishes in the E2 division. Mike was also a diligent tweeter using the #nccn hashtag like a champ. Below are some of his updates.

    Mike Hardy @fastsquatch
    Callville Bay E2 stg3 – solo rdr -9secs, me @SquadraOvest in lrg lead group, Marcus Smith Specialized Jr did 2 – no GC yet #nccn #callville

    Mike Hardy @fastsquatch
    looks like NorCal spring phenom Logan Loader delivered the P1 goods @ on horrid cold wet stage 3 http://on.fb.me/dKzFYp #nccn#callville

    Tag Race Info in Twitter

    Here is the real use for twitter, real time race coverage and results. Eventually we’ll have some t-shirts and schwag to give out for folks tagging race info in twitter. What does this mean? If you send an update to twitter and include a hashtag, which means the # symbol, it makes it easier to find info. So.. if you are at the Beat The Clock TT, and you send an update to twitter like

    “Crappy day to TT! Rain, Sleet, and Snow. Still got under 22 mins. #btc #nccn”

    we can all find the race a little easier. Below are some suggestions for tags to use.

  • #[racename – no spaces] – ex. #cherrypie (make all one word)
  • #nccn
  • #ncnca
  • #norcal
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    1. February 28, 2011 at

      I sent Hernando some more dirt on the GC story for the E2 field at the Callville Bay Classic, but I’ll comment quickly to give a shout to the Specialized Jrs – Marcus Smith ending up 8th GC with smart conservative riding to back up a stout TT, and Jeff Perrin and Willy Zelmer combined for some top stage finishes though they were just shy of being in the GC hunt. Marcus’ Dad Darryl was with Larry Nolan in one of the wiser gentleman’s fields and both of them got some results too, along with Specialized kids in the 3s and Juniors – check the Team Specialized site, or look at the results here: http://www.callvillebayclassic.com/2011-results-final-gc

      I’ve raced over much of the country, and I have to say that the combo of houseboats (that are basically like the pimpest RVs you can imagine), afternoon starts for the 2s and P1s, normally good weather and a drive that’s not too far for a 4-stage race (for P1, 2 and M35-123 fields at least) – it really is a great race. And Vegas on the way home increases the wife acceptance factor quite a bit.


    2. March 1, 2011 at

      I was lucky to be in the support vehicle with Andrew Lanier for the Snelling P/1/2 race. Here is the quick recap:

      Very fast first two laps with variety of guys trying to escape. On the start of third lap a well represented group of 13 finally gets away. In this group (2 Berries,1Yahoo,1Form Fitness,1Garmin,1Cliff Bar,1Specialized Master,1 McGuire,1 Firefighter,1Sierra Pacific) they rode the entire 3rd lap in front of the peleton by 40 to 45 seconds at the start of the 4th lap Sergei Badeka from McGuire) gets a flat. We are still behind the peleton…4 miles later the moto ref tells us to follow the 12 leaders. The gap now is 65 seconds. with a little over a lap to go Kevin Metcalf (Special Old man) attacks, and gets a up to 20 to 25 seconds away. Andrei K. from Garmin U23 erases most of the gap before the feed zone. The group settles down wit now almost a 2 minute gap. with 2k to go Jesse Moore ( 1 of the Berries) goes to the front , and twists the throttle. the group is reduced to 8. Jessie peels off with about 1k to go, so Eric Wolhberg (Form Fitness) keeps the throttle up, and the group is now down to 4. The mote ref. tells us to stay away from the reduced pack before for their sprint. From 400 meters away I watch John Bennett (Cal/Giant Berry) battle Sam Bassetti (Firefighters) John B. 1st, Sam B. 2nd, Eric W. 3rd.

      It was real fun watching all the action from a much appreciated heated leather seat!! Thanks Andrew!

    3. March 1, 2011 at

      Sorry for the misspelled names, grammar & typos. Next time I will do better job on the editing.

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