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    For some reason Hernando put a great little summary on Men’s Merco in the comment section of the Bissell xtranormal video. Aside from him not giving me prop’s for such witty an insightful weekend humor it it good enough to be it’s own little article. I’m sure he’ll get more pontifications etc going later but here is a start if you are not an avid comments reader.

    sluggo is just cranky cause he couldn’t win a masters race at merco.

    abbieaside from BedTurns silly podium blather, MERCO did give us some pretty damn good names to follow. Huffman and Spiteri were f’ing amazing out in that break all day. sure, it helped that we were stopped for a couple minutes as the masters blew through for a 2hr45min 72 mile race …

    but Huffman and Spiteri had to work very, very hard to get out front in that first lap. it weren’t slow.

    Logan Loader is the next Holloway. He was sick the first day, puking on the bike, but still finished in a large chase group. The crit’s last few laps were complete hairball with guys throwing themselves down in the hairpin every lap (cough … yahoo … cough), but he still popped off a nice 4th. And he put in a respectable TT on Friday, too.

    But he damn well came close to winning that road race. Jelly Belly pretty much sat up in that final approach and Logan had to put in a kapow bridge to the Bissell train. He almost got BJM at the line. Super impressive.

    Goessling and English showed very good form, with English’s TT on Friday being a huge indication of just how much fitness and power that guy has available.

    But, the real story is how cohesive and deep the Bissell squad was. While JBelly and the KellyBenefats didn’t have big teams, they certainly gave it some gas to break the Bissell stranglehold. Bissell put in good practice and got a noteworthy early season chunk of wins. It’s good for their morale as they push towards Redlands and the real knife fights.

    should be gorey.



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    1. sluggo
      March 7, 2011 at

      Nope. Winning a Merco Masters race isn’t gonna make or break my season. Best of the rest was good enough for me.

      My comment was regarding your knock on KBS, Jelly Belly, etc. 2 more exciting teams imo. When the season gets underway, they’ll be involved.

      It was one of the better Merco/McLane weekends I’d been to, even if there was a hairpin involved. The RR & TT looked great.

      … which reminds me. Of all the crashes going on in that turn, why do you have to call out 1 individual? I watched that turn with 6 to go & people were going down every time, but you want to make a point of 1 guy? I don’t get it.

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