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    With two weekends under our belt we are well into the Classic’s season. Since this is a little late the dudes get shorted a little… such is life.

    Exceeded Expectations

  • Specialized Masters/Juniors Crew lit up the office park crits with Casey, Benkoski, and their new Superstar (Fast Freddie.) It was cool to see a split of juniors and “sort of pro’s” ripping it up.
  • Logan Loader: He’s winning most local stuff and getting on the podium for all his national races. Look for an interview with Loader in the future.
  • Nate English: While it’s impossible to tell what is going on with the Yahoo Team (decreased presence, angry posts, the loss of delicious, etc) English animated each race he entered. He even won a few. More of that please.
  • Met Expectations

  • Cal Giant – Came on hard at the end of February. The youth contingent is on fire and looks to be continuing the precedent set by Talansky in 2010.
  • Fremont Bank Cycling Team surprised everybody but themselves with several strong performances in multiple races. Their stand out work at Valley of the Sun put them on everybody’s radar.
  • Area’s of Opportunity

  • McGuire: I know they were at the races, but they just didn’t get anything going. Doesn’t it give you the feeling that it’s all part of some weird plan McCook has devised?
  • Rand and his merry band of Webcor pranksters were knocking on the door each race they entered. They managed a few podiums but no victories yet. It is way more fun to read about Rand’s losses than his victories, I assume he finds it more creatively inspiring, so we can only hope his lack of confidence continues during the Classics Season
  • Metromint – time to put your women at the top of your roster webpage. Seriously.
  • Nice Surprise
    Cliff Bar and Marc-Pro/Strava didn’t get any big results but if they keep throwing wood onto the fire something is going to burn soon. With nothing to loose these guys just need to get comfortable in the kamakazi-wildcard role and they will get some big results.

    Best Race
    I think VOS, had it all. A strong NorCal contingent, set backs and triumps, lots of podiums. Loader, Benkoski, Jacinski and Red Rider all put in great rides and kept NorCal at the top of peoples minds.



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