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    crazypnut At NorCal Cycling News we know we are idiots.  It is helpful when our community of readers chime in and correct the error of our ways.  But..as a great man once said (I think it was Rand) “The Blogger is Always Right.”  Below are some posts that caught my attention the last few weeks.

    Early Season Hotness – Snelling

    Hernando really got Anonymous Ex Pro going something fierce about late fees.  In general I do not agree with Hernando on some points which is why we work… It’s a Simon and Simon kind of thing.  I’m the guy who shoots somebody in the head later in life, and he’s the guy that goes on to play dads in multiple sit-coms and movies.  Anyways… here were some choice comments. and my own viewpoint.

    But you come from the ultra-liberal, shoot anyone in authority first, don’t ask questions ever, over-entitlement mentality.

    Coming out of the gate with something like that makes you seem crazy. Then going on to write three more paragraphs makes you seem even crazier.  You must have grown up in SoCal.

    You are obviously bitter toward Velo Promo and using this forum as a bully pulpit.

    Wasn’t a bully pulpit a good thing?  A catalyst for change back in the days of robber barons?  Either way… we are a bully pulpit. We have lots of opinions and we write them.  Spare me the obvious.

    4. blaming Velopromo for the weather: Sure, why not.

    That was a really good line from Hernando.  You folks need to be funnier in your rants if you want to keep up.

    This is nothing more than a bully pulpit rant. Please continue with the personal attacks. Don’t speak to the facts. Pick people apart instead.

    For a guy that started out with an insult about Hernando’s commie leanings, which i tease him about as well, I find this statement a little hypocritical.  And again with the bully pulpit… please, enough already.

    Quoting a rulebook is not authoritative.

    This is a good line too.  This guy can keep up.  Actually… he might not have been trying to be funny.  That might put him in the crazy category. Wait…is this unfair because it is out of context?  Am i picking people apart?

    EVERY parent knows that giving things to children does not teach responsibility nor appreciation. It breeds entitlement.

    As a parent I object to this sweeping generalization.  I am legally obliged to give my children food.  As much as it pains me, i have to give them food.  Feeding my children is actually a serious financial, and time commitment, sinkhole that negatively impacts my cycling life.  I have to work, and pay cash money, to feed them.  As much as my son Deadly wants to hunt with a knife, a fact which my dog dreads because Deadly tries to get at the knives every chance he gets, I cannot, in good conscience, let him loose on the world with a sharp object because he is not yet three years old.  Okay… that line was taken out of context but I like the bit about kids with knives.

    This was WAY longer than i expected… i didn’t even get to any of the other posts.

    Wow! Weather or not you agree or disagree with Hernando, at least have the balls to leave your name instead of “anonymous ex-pro”

    On a side note… don’t pick on folks for keeping Anonymous. If they don’t want to sign their name they don’t have to.  We just have to guess the commentators identity.  Its not like we don’t all know it was Lance Armstrong – he hates this site.





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    4 Responses to Peanut Gallery – Snelling Deconstruction

    1. JHL
      March 18, 2011 at

      Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.
      – Frank Lloyd Wright

    2. Jen
      March 18, 2011 at

      Great, now I spit on my computer!

    3. Anonymous Ex-Pro
      March 18, 2011 at

      It did draw a lot of attention to this blog. Maybe I am Michael arguing with myself just to get readers. Am I that clever?

      Wait, how do we know that you’re not Anonymous Ex-Pro? Has anyone seen Michael and Ted in the same place lately? Ever?

    4. March 18, 2011 at

      I said it once and I will say it again, you can write for us anytime Anonymous! You will never see us in the same place. East Bay gives me the willies and racing before May just seems wrong.

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