• The Real Pat McQuaid is Stealing My Material

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    “But unfortunately, on this point, the riders too often tend to forget their role and their responsibilities…” ~ Pat McQuaid


    If i didn’t know any better i think that UCI Overlord Pat McQuaid is taking all his talking points from #NCCN.

    Exhibit A. The recent “Open Letter” regarding the potential rider protest sounded familiar. Can’t you hear how tired he is in the tone of the letter?  Make’s one weep with sympathy.

    Exhibit B. NCCN’s (well, only mine really) solution to the radio problem from LAST saturday.  As McQuaid details it is all about TV, he just can’t understand my vision yet.  Time to hire NCCN Consulting!

    Exhibit C. Pat McQuaids St. Patrick’s Day Address to the People… That’s right… when in doubt act presidential, and remember, it’s always about doping.

    It’s like I’m Jules Verne, and they are finally making a sub that can go 20,000 leagues under the sea.  Sweet.

    Don’t miss the @UCI_Overlords posts on twitter. Made me spit coffee twice while watching the finish of MSR today.



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    1. March 20, 2011 at

      I love @UCI_Overlords on twitter…they’re Hil.ar.ious

      guess that’s all i have to say this fine, rainy morning

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