• San Dimas Quickie

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    San Dimas is a friendly cool build up to Redlands. NorCal will have a big footprint at Redlands this year from looking at the rosters so keeping an eye on San Dimas will give us a good indication how some of the locals will fare against the big guns.



    The NorCal rider to watch at San Dimas this weekend has to be Ali Starnes. After a convincing win at Merco, Starne’s and the Peanut Butter 2012 team look like strong favorites even when you stack them up against Tibco, Colavita and HTC. I’m hoping for some big rides from the locals on Webcor and Vanderkitten squads. If they slip into the right break they could find themselves on the right side of the standings after the road race. Rachetto and Kachorek will be backing up a full Primal-Map My Ride squad, and a few stragglers like Devon Gorry have made their way onto some guest riders spots. Send us updates on other NorCal riders to watch and we’ll slip in a report or two over the weekend.


    Cat 2 Men
    Yahoo, Metromint, and Marc Pro Strava are all fielding riders in the Cat 2 race. I’m looking for Justin Rossi of Marc Pro Strava to bust a move in the TT and hold his lead for the win. As elite men go I think the Cat 2 Category is NorCal’s best shot for a result.

    Men P/1

    think it is going to be tough going trying to unseat Ben Day when he’s being backed up by a strong Kenda team. Bissell doesn’t have it’s heaviest hitters, keeping them in the wings until Redlands, Jelly Belly, and Jamis look strong but not strong enough to take the win. Day should be able to walk away with this race but the presence of several strong pro teams will make it hard for the NorCal locals. Wolberg is registered for Form Fitness so I’m hoping he can sneak away into a move doing the RR with some Cal Giant riders to get the local boys into the top ten.

    Keep us posted with the normal twitter handles #sdsr and #nccn



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    6 Responses to San Dimas Quickie

    1. March 25, 2011 at

      You forgot to mention my baby brother Matt Farnham for the Cat 2 field. Good luck Brutha!!!

    2. The Bearded Wonder
      March 25, 2011 at

      How ’bout a shout out for the returning Kristen Armstrong?

    3. March 25, 2011 at

      She’s not returning emails so no shout out. Plus – she’s from idaho or some shit like that.

    4. The Mammoth
      March 25, 2011 at

      Oh no you didn’t, Hellyer! Easy on the Idaho trashtalk. The ‘ho may not be a hotbed of cycling, but it’s tossed out a few decent riders… *ahem*. Team Exergy will be fun to watch at San Dimas and for the rest of the season. As for Armstrong, I’m pretty sure she has enough clout in the state to completely cut of NorCal’s potato supply. Best watch your words or CA could end up looking like Ireland in 1740, and then how would Rand get his pre-race (and post-race) french fries?

      But yeah, stonewalling NCCN is weak. Minus 10 cool points for K.A.

    5. March 25, 2011 at

      Idaho revoked your papers when you left the country… them being all gun toting survivalists and all. You only have California to come back to now baby. Plus the potato thing is hardly a threat. We would cut off their artichokes, which would lead to mutually assured destruction.

      You’ve been gone too long. Rand has turned to pre-race fried almonds. He says it makes him feel “safe.” He gets this weird far away look in his eye when he says it too… total freak show stuff.

      FWIW – referring to Idaho as “The ‘ho” is genius.

    6. Anon
      March 26, 2011 at

      Norcal cycling news needs a better commenting system.

      I want to like posts and have more posts with the term “the ‘ho” in it.

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