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    Here are the quick updates on this weekends activities.


    Another witty, said respectfully vs. mocking it’s pithiness, write up from Rand on the P/1/2 race at LandPark.  Deffinitly worth checking out. Touchstone Cycling showed they are ready to start rocking with a solid race at Landpark.   Touchstone riders Marissa Axell and Elis Bradshaw produced 1-2 finish dominating the podium much like Webcor did in the men’s race.  Elis just needs to get her blog going again and we would be C-L-O-G (that’s short for club rider blog) heaven.

    #SDSR – San Dimas

    As of the road race the Oceanic-NorCal contingent (Collins, Hurikeno, and Werner) were the best placed gals not including the Peanut Butter/Tibco riders.  The Vanderkitten-Focus and Webcor-SportVelo teams should be happy with their imports.  The race looked a little tougher for the rest of the Webcor team who didn’t make the road race time cut.

    The top 20 in the men’s field looked pretty deep with pro talent.  Paul Mach was having a good ride sitting in the top ten but he’s a pro now so he SHOULD be having a good ride.  Evan Huffman is one of the few non-pro’s sitting up there, with Wolberg – but the wolverine doesn’t count.

    I think the most exciting story at #sdsr has to be Justin Rossi of Marc-Pro Strava.  In the Elite 2 field he had a good TT but didn’t crack the top 10, that said the top 15 E2’s were only separated by 30 seconds.  Rossi took advantage of this in the RR and threw down with another rider the last few laps and took a 1:30 lead, but a 1 second, over his break companion.  Looks like Rossi threw down again in the crit, managing 5th and taking the GC win.  That is exciting racing.


    Jane Despas for Yahoo! – that’s some serious tiger blood.  The men were running 30+ only, which is how old most of the pro’s or should be pro’s are in NorCal.  Andres Gil and Jesse Moore took 1-2 in the men’s race, which should be good for their confidence, old guys need loving too you know, going into the the rest of the Spring Classics.



    It was a wetter, kinder, gentler grasshopper…. twss




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    6 Responses to Sunday News – SDSR, Landpark, & Bariani

    1. dflbrad
      March 27, 2011 at

      Don’t forget the Grasshopper!

    2. March 27, 2011 at

      Doh! Totally forgot – threw a line in there. if you got anymore send it over.

    3. March 28, 2011 at

      Andres Gil, Michael David Winery Cycling Team



    4. TimB
      March 28, 2011 at

      Land Park and no mention of the rain? Of course the P/1/2 race was relatively dry, but c’mon, the rest of the fields fought some pretty squishy conditions. Even data maven Ken H. called it “Belgian Style”.

      My shout outs for fortitude at Land Park have to go to not only the 30 P/1/2s who signed up day of (earlier fields had up to a 50% no-show rate, but also to the Juniors and Women 4s who rode through the rain. Both of those latter groups showed signs of the potential for the future of racing, with extremely low no-show rates (including 4 first time racers), and good sized fields. Almost every starter finished their race despite the increasingly nasty conditions. While the W4s had steady rain, the Juniors just got whalloped. Yet they not only kept peddaling, they all finished upright.

      And while Bariani wasn’t raining, the winds made that one an epic race. Many of the fields were shredded by winds or gaps that couldn’t be closed.

      My favorite of the weekend was Nona Bariani, the grandmother of the sponsoring family business, Bariani Olive Oil. She was gamely selling Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and other products by the RR registration, despite a lack of English.

    5. Bennett
      March 28, 2011 at

      Hey Mike – Actually the grasshopper was neither kind nor gentle, but rather a disgusting windy and rainy slog that ended on the insanely steep Joy Road. That is where I had an extraterrestrial super bonk. I didn’t catch the names, but it was won by a Garmin kid, second was Saecco cat 4 guy, I took third and a Pistachio was 4th. Made Bariani the next day feel like a cruise.

    6. roman
      March 29, 2011 at

      I was pretty impressed with the whole Kenda team and the way they defended for Ben Day.

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