• Sunday Update – F-Yeah Edition

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    TIBCO's Megan Gaurnier - Photo By Rick Adams

    Copper Town Circuit Race

    The story here is a three man break powered by Webcor riders Joel Robertson and Billy Crane powered their way to the finish for a 1-2 finish.  One might say… finally Webcor has two riders in a break and wins… but they almost didn’t.  Billy Crane, who flashed some brilliance at some Cat 2 Oregon stage races last year, got so excited by his victory he screamed “F#%$ Yeah!” as he crossed the finish line.  The officials, obviously acting on orders from some kind of dark overlord, like Voldemort, DQ’d him, and after some pleading, relegated him to third.  Webcor still took the victory and USA Cycling proved that it is an uncompromising and hard task master.   Seriously, he was just excited, i mean i get it, it was all “unprofessional” and all, but it never feels right.  Frankly it would be more fun to make fun of Billy if he cried when he crossed the finish line and got disqualified for that… that would be gold!

    Hanford & Apple Pie Crit’s

    Working on it – no details yet.  Folks need to bone up on their twitter hashtags!


    Best coverage can be found on Podium Insight. NorCal Pro-Hero Bissell BJM took second in the GC, while Cal Giant’s John Bennett took the KOM Jersey.  Should be interesting to see if Bennett makes it through the year without going all stagiaire on us in Europe.  Emily Kachorek was top NorCal finisher in the Women’s race at 18th.  Lindsay Myers, who I’m not sure if we consider her NorCal any more – but I will since Hernando was raving about her, also was in the money at 21st. Nice to see a new generation starting to have a big impact.

    Ronde VV

    Several NorCal riders were in  this years edition of the Women’s Tour of Flanders.  Shelley Old’s came in right behind the lead group to finish 15th while Megan Guarnier encountered some more bad luck, after misfortune at last weeks World Cup, when she was crashed out of the front group once again.  Tough weekend for the Crane-Gaurnier Syndicate… but their luck will turn soon, i can feel it in the wind. Despite the set back TIBCO’s Joelle Numainville came in 6th proving the they will be a factor in the coming Euro-Spring races.



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    10 Responses to Sunday Update – F-Yeah Edition

    1. April 3, 2011 at

      fu*ck ya!

    2. sluggo
      April 4, 2011 at

      Why don’t we ask about the officials that shorted our race at Copper? At least he was honest & said he screwed up.

      125 riders at Apple Pie! Nutso!

    3. beth
      April 4, 2011 at

      why wouldn’t you consider lindsay norcal? she grew up in bishop and now lives outside of chico. how much more local can you get?

    4. April 4, 2011 at

      Sluggo – We have been hearing an abnormal amount of complaints this year about officials. Especially the moto ref’s which seem to neutralize a race any chance they get. Has there been a new crop of people come through this year?

      Beth – I knew she was once local but her license said Paradise, CA which i obviously confused with LA and I thought she was moving and going with an east coast team. My mistake, my apologies. Go Chico!

    5. Kelly B
      April 4, 2011 at

      Hey Hernando-
      Kelly B here. Years ago at the Suisun crit one of the girls in our race didn’t win as she had planned, dropped the f bomb right at the finish line in front of some little kids. She too was disqualified so at least they apply the rules consistently. We all thought it was pretty funny, I can understand how you would do something like that when your adrenline is switched on like that.

    6. HERNANDO!!!
      April 4, 2011 at

      KellyB – that was my partner in crime’s post – Bed Turns, aka Hellyer.

      Apparently he got rid of the byline function he implanted a couple weeks ago.

      anyway, i’m just still laughing that billy crane won a race.

    7. April 4, 2011 at

      thanks for the shout out!

    8. April 7, 2011 at

      TimB: Billy’s language was inspired by reproduction, while Contador’s salute on murder. So which of these is “abusive” and “offensive” and gets the sanction? Strange world…

    9. TimB
      April 7, 2011 at

      Not really dj. My point was that there’s a lot of other ways to express oneself. I’m no big fan of the “El Pistolero” gesture, but since it’s not aimed at a person, it’s hardly “abusive.”

      If you’re trying to make the analogy to puritan American attitudes towards sex versus those towards violence, sorry that’s wrong too. The language rule I quoted is USAC’s, but UCI has a similar one on the books that it’s modeled on. I’ve been told that the UCI fine is 20 swiss francs for a first offense, in addition to possible DQ, suspension or relegation.

      Sooo, can we agree to watch what we say or do while racing? Most of us who’re racing are wearing logo’d gear with the names of sponsors, clubs and others who are helping us to be there. The sponsors don’t want their names associated with bad language or with spectators being offended, do they? Really, is that so hard? I figured that one out the first time I put on a team kit – I went from being just Tim to being a person rep-ing my team and our sponsors. At the finish line of a race in the middle of a town square, that focus is magnified.

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