• Women’s TRACK Clinic May 7-8!!!

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    Riding the track is SEXY!

    FROM the awesomely hot, Elizabeth Hernandez-Jones, Coordinator of clinic:
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    Looking for the perfect gift for your road racing mom (wife, baby-momma, female significant other)?

    Give her the gift of track hack! We have 5 spots left for the annual Hellyer Velodrome Women’s track clinic May 7-8, 2011.

    Track cycling is a great way to get faster as a cyclist and improve your racing skills!

    Track hack: [tr?k h?k] n. to cough harshly, usually in short and repeated spasms, after fiercely exercising on a paved, circular racing course. adj. indicating or characterized by elation you get from racing on the velodrome. Elation is usually accompanied by dry, hacking cough – the gift that keeps on giving.

    For details and registration information visit: http://www.ridethetrack.com/women_clinic.html


    When: May 7th and 8th Twenty-eleven

    Where: Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose, CA.

    Cost: $89.00

    The two day event, promoted by the San Jose Bicycle Club prepares and certifies women to race the velodrome track. The clinic is perfect for those who currently race on the road, mtn bike or cyclocross but have not yet completed their requisite 3 Saturdays to race on the track (clinic satisfies the “3 Saturday Beginner class” requirement).

    Racing is safe, racing is fun, racing is RAAAAD!

    Women who have attended the Saturday sessions and want to try racing are also encouraged to attend.

    Promotions SWAG for all attendees from Cycleto, Rocktape, Clean Bottle, Bike Pure, DZ Nuts, Action Wipes/Life Elements and GU!

    We will cover fixed gear riding/racing, bike handling and track-specific skills, as well as mock races and strategy. Track bikes are available.

    Clinic will be led by Masters Track National champion Annabell Holland and mentored by Masters World Champion Lorraine Jarvis.


    Optional: Women who attend the 2-day clinic will immediately be eligible to race in Sunday’s Get-Ready-for Summer (GRFS) #3 race, if you choose. There will be separate Cat 4 and Cat 3 women’s track races. This race is part of the Bay Area Women’s Cycling Series (BAWC) 3&4 points series. Women will also be eligible to race on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. All clinic attendees race for a discounted fee of $15.00…You must register separately for the GRFS races.


    For details and registration information visit: http://www.ridethetrack.com/women_clinic.html



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    1. Christie Cooley
      May 12, 2011 at

      Sorry I missed this! But I got to meet Annabel Tuesday night at the SJBC crits, kick ass lady! Have her email me if you can, I’d love to ask her some questions.


    2. HERNANDO!!!
      May 12, 2011 at

      send me an email, hernandobikes (at) gmail.com and i’ll hook you up.

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