• Sunday Quickie – Chico, Santa Cruz, Otter

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    It’s way late but at this stage this is just fodder for your morning coffee.

    Chico Stage Race

    The Men’s P/1/2 field looks like it was ridiculously deep for a new event.  Local favorites Adam Car (RR), P. Briggs (Crit), and Roman Kilun (TT) each took a stage win.  Despite the Carr/Wholberg 1-2 punch for Form Fitness nobody could top Kilun’s dominante time trial performance.  Lina Martensson took home top honors in the women’s elite field despite a charge by Beth Newell who took the time trial with a convincing lead.  Pretty slick job on the results by the promoters … you’d think these guys were running a euro-pro race or something.

    Santa Cruz

    Swiss Miss (Pascale Schnider?) took a win out in front of the women’s field leaving Webcor’s Bec Werner to clean up the field sprint.  What is the deal with Schnider anyhow – somebody needs to give us the details if she is a permanent fixiture… that would be cool. Cal Giant’s James Mattis (Mr. Curi to you) won the mens field out of a small break. This win tells me that Cal Giant will not be beat at any crit they show up to in Santa Cruz county.  Are district’s still going to be in Watsonville?  That could be a cool party if they are getting their race on. Thanks to @yu_kie for the posts on the crit.

    Sea Otter

    Kristen Armstrong won almost everything there was to win in the women’s races (Go Peanut Butter 2012!) However the interesting NorCal story is how Vanderkitten’s Emily Collins snuck in for 2nd place on the day 2 road race and held on for 5th place in the GC omnium.  That will show the local Aussies who is top Oceanic player in this part of the US!  Andy Jacque-Maynes had a big result with a third place GC result after Mancebo an Diaz Corrales.  Nice to see the other Maniaque getting some air play! Honorable mention to Mach, English, BJM, Rossi, Bennett and Stastny, for top 20 finishes.  You guys have to team up to take down those Realcyclist.com goons.



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    5 Responses to Sunday Quickie – Chico, Santa Cruz, Otter

    1. mrg
      April 18, 2011 at

      can i get a show of hands of those who think mancebo is clean?

      and for mr. mattis – a well deserved win (congrats!) a comeback of sorts, no? iirc, a bad crash last year.

    2. gahd
      April 18, 2011 at

      Chico was a cool race overall. I’m not a fan of the 4 mile gravel/quicksand section on the road race course though. If I wanted to do a cross race, I would do a cross race. Not sure why promoters need to get so creative with the gravel, dirt roads, pot holes, etc. How about just throwing in a hill or two?? Fewer flats and crashes that way.

    3. TimB
      April 19, 2011 at

      Maybe Mancebo is clean, and maybe he isn’t. Sadly more than one cyclist coming back from a suspension has come up dirty again. But Sea Otter (and other races) could help with that question by actually having the threatened USADA testing done.

      And the crash I didn’t like to see was at the end of the Women’s 1/2 Circuit Race. Apparently everyone got back up and rode across the line under thair own power, but it was not good to see Coryn Rivera wincing as she came in.

    4. Rome Mubarak
      April 19, 2011 at

      Santa Cruz Criterium
      Just a quick shout out for the 35+ category 4 winner and teamate, NorCal’s Major Motion Ricky Lucero (FTW!) And all the other up and coming cat 4 racers on the brink. There’s no sleep til brooklyn for even the lowly will rise to the occassion everytime! Look out 3’s where coming and we’re bringin’ hell with us!!!!!LOL

    5. April 20, 2011 at

      Shoutout to my Tri Valley Velo sistas goin’ 1-2 in the W4 GC at Chico; Terri & Stell! Meet ’em at Kern, they’re friendly!

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