• Wente Crit in Photos

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    Inspired by the photos of David Cheung

    When i think of the Wente Crit I think of….

    It is a circuit race littered with ambulances, weird sweeping turns, and long, windy final stretch.  And yet there is something about a road race and crit back to back, under the hot Livermore sun that is kind of cool…

    For some reason it always brings out the local big guns…

    Which is good for at least one killer photo in that crazy last lap.
    M-Pro12 Finish

    There is always a winner.

    Women: Devon Gorry

    Men: Benny Swedberg



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    4 Responses to Wente Crit in Photos

    1. David Cheung
      May 2, 2011 at

      Hey there NCN…I’m honored that you found my images inspiring and useful. It was an awesome race to cover and I had a great time, especially that last shot. 🙂

    2. HERNANDO!!!
      May 2, 2011 at

      David … you’re pictures of the event kick ass. Thanks for giving Bed Turns something to write about!

    3. May 2, 2011 at

      Ditto that!

    4. The Bearded Wonder
      May 3, 2011 at

      BTW, that was the only ambulance of the day, Men’s Cat 3/4 field. Hint to all of you racers out there. Don’t argue with the EMT! That is a sure fire way to secure yourself a very expensive ride to the hospital. Big props to Hernandito, who trashed the Wente Crit last year on this site, only to show up this year, and animate the P/1/2 race.

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