• Amanda Seigle … heal-up, Ms Hottie

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    Please send healing vibes to one of the most well-liked and popular cyclists in our region … Amanda Seigle was involved in an accident out in Davis last night and looks to be in the hospital for a few days. When details come in, we’ll try and share as appropriate.

    Amanda is a brave, intelligent, incurably funny woman who has become an icon on the Norcal racing circuit. We want her healing up fast, better, and stronger than ever.
    Great lady!

    RACING … Come out and Play

    It’s the weekend … almost – so, get ready to take part in the big summer awakening of bike races in your neighborhood.

    There’s about four thousand races going on this weekend – so pick a few and hammer your jiblets into submission.

    Friday Night Track Races … this is my party, so come and drink all the free beer, eat the free food, and heckle the freely retarded announcer (c’est moi!)

    Montezuma’s Revenge of a Time Trial … early Saturday morning on a soon to be classic course in the norEast Bay.

    PG&E Criterium … aaawww yeah, the Tri-Valley Velo hommies are putting on another fun year of sweet, sweet pain. Race in the day, before racing in the night!

    PITT Crit … that’s right, Dawkins and the boyz are throwing a shit-ton of cash at the locals. It’s a hefty entry fee, but worth it for the party, atmosphere, and kickass production value.

    Get Ready For Summer Track Races … it’s the next qualifier for the massive, the extravagant Testarrosa Velodrome Challenge. I, simply put, cannot wait to race on Sunday! Thank you, Master Adams, for being the most kickass dude north of Al Nash.

    Berkeley Hills Road Race … whatever, this thing hurts too much. It’s beautiful, it’s a classic … it’s thankfully in conflict with a track race, so I don’t have to go. But my girlfriend is … Go Fremont Ladies!

    And there’s also mtb races, a hillclimb, a track clinic for women, and a road skillz clinic. Check out the NCNCA Calendar and go race that bike!



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    3 Responses to Amanda Seigle … heal-up, Ms Hottie

    1. Amanda
      May 5, 2011 at

      Thanks for all the love everyone, it means a lot to me. I’ll have surgery for my collar bone today and since my internal bleeding seems to have stopped, they should remove my chest tube tomorrow. From there it will take time for my cracked rib to heal and my lungs to reinflate.

    2. HERNANDO!!!
      May 5, 2011 at

      you tough cookie!!!

      heal up, rockstar. we miss you already.

    3. FWS
      May 5, 2011 at

      Thanks Mike… Yes she is! All of us from
      the DBCRT are wishing the very best for Amanda.

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