• Peninsular War Results

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    Cat’s Hill Classic


    Megan Gaurnier (TIBCO) proved she’s the capo of NorCal women’s cycling with an impressive two day performance on the Peninsula racing scene.  Gaurnier brought some Aussie reinforcements and out sprinted a dangerous looking Flavia Oliveira, who is rawking an awesome green Euro kit, and Liza Rachetto.  Check Alden’s Facebook video for the finish.


    Awesome to see Nate English (Yahoo) take a big win at a local classic. English, Freddie Rodriguez, and James Mattis hammered off the front and English took the honors in the sprint finish.   Check Alden’s Facebook video for the finish. I guess the Webcor guy that they were lapping in the final straight got excited and wanted to avoid getting lapped.

    Scotts Valley Grand Prix


    High winds and a fast course ensure that nothing could get away  tonight and the combined powers of Vanderkitten, Primal- Map My Ride, Webcor, and TIBCO, could not find a mix that would make a break work. Primal – Map My Ride hitter Nicky Wangsgard pulled out a big sprint to out kick NorCal capo Megan Gaurnier, and fresh off the injury list Vanderkitten, Emily collins.


    The Cal-Giant Strawberry armada proved that that their National Crit champion, Steve Reaney, is master of the night with his second consecutive twilight-night time race.  Before the race Big Pink managed to give me enough back handed compliments (i need more punctuation, what the hell do you do for a day job, why do people think you are so awesome and i’m not) that i feel compelled to give you a link to his website once more for a race report, that I am sure will be both funny, yet self involved.

    Amgen TOC

    Total bullshit.  Most serious weak sauce I have heard all week.  I suppose the riders were looking for a way to make their power known after getting burned by the “suspicion list.”  A full day delay means that Novitsky will have to put off his big “Lance” news I’m sure he’s holding onto to nicely tie into America’s biggest stage race.  Say what you want about Lance Armstrong (i use his name for google ranking purposes only) but Novitsky strikes me as high school health teacher creepy. Monday is a better news cycle anyway – he better have something good, and none of this “you have to read a lot of back ground documents to understand our charges of perjury,” crap.





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    6 Responses to Peninsular War Results

    1. May 15, 2011 at

      The Webcor rider Hendrick Pohl was with the break for the last several laps. I was watching on the hill. At one point he was last in the pack with shifting problems on the hill, then a few laps later he’s on the front, then in the break. Not sure if he took a free lap due to shifting problem & was relegated to DNP or if he was actually lapped.

    2. May 15, 2011 at

      Hendrick was relegated for taking a free lap without asking the officials. He wasn’t going to get a free lap from the officials, since shifting problems doesn’t warrant a free lap anyways.

    3. sluggo
      May 16, 2011 at

      So why take pulls in the break? Common sense doofus.

    4. ManDriller
      May 16, 2011 at

      It’s common knowledge that Webcor riders have no common sense. You should know that, sluggo.

    5. Paul D
      May 16, 2011 at

      Hey Hellyer — As much fun as it would be to watch 180 guys slide all over the Sierras, I gotta say that I agree with the decision to scrap the stage.

      I’m all for the hardcoreness of the spring classics and racing in gnarly conditions, but there is a point when it gets too sketch. And I’d say that having several motos reportedly crashing while riding the course yesterday is evidence that the sketch point had been reached.

      A guy just died in the Giro. We’ve had enough carnage for one week.

    6. Hooptie
      May 16, 2011 at

      Perjury? Clearly you have mistaken Lance w/ Bonds/Clemens. I believe the proper quote was “corruption to the core”. Tighten your belts fanboys.

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