• Republic of NorCal takes on Amgen TOC

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    Given NorCal should be it’s own elite cycling country we at NCCN deem it appropriate to cover our riders outside their normal national identities and claim them for our own Republic.  Here is the list of NorCal riders I found racing – let me know if I’m missing anybody.

    • Ben Jacques Maynes – He’s the famous one
    • Andy Jacques Maynes – He’s the good looking one
    • Levi Leipheimer – A contender
    • Lucas Euser – Relief to be in NorCal after hanging with Canadians all day.
    • Roman Kilun – Best name ever
    • Chris Jones – Stage 1 should have been his!
    • Bernard van Ulden – Name so good he could be a Euro
    • Paul Mach – Mach II, Lance’s favorite Bissell
    • Andrew Talansky – Gonna be huge
    • Dan Martin  (okay not really, but he’s fast and talks funny so it COULD be our Dan Martin right?)

    The big news today was BJM making it over to the break and lasting to the final circuits.  He didn’t get the Most Aggressive jersey but tomorrow is another day.  He does get our own press award…

    NorCal Cycling News Awesome Award

    Stage 2 Winner – Ben Jacques-Maynes.

    Ben – we don’t have a cool jersey or anything so all you have to do is put a big “A” on the back of your hand.  That way all other other riders will know your the NCCN “Awesome” rider of the day.  We are on a budget after all.  Tell all the other NorCal boys to go kill it!



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