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    Logan Loader is one of those young riders that is knocking at the door of the big show.  His current rate of improvement should take him to the Tour of California in a few years where he can challenge the big guns for stage wins on his home turf .  Loader is all about creating an exciting race and  after stints on teams like Mountain Khakis and Kenda p/b Gear Grinder he already carries himself like a seasoned pro at 21.  Follow his exploits on his blog at loganloader.blogspot.com

    You had a great start with several local wins early in the season – how did you feel at the bigger NRC races you have participated in this spring?

    I think overall the whole season has been mix of up and downs.  If you look at Redlands and Gila,  I’ve had a bit of bad luck that I feel isn’t really preventable, wether its flatting at the worst spot in a race, having a bit of illness, or flat out not feeling good. Then you look back at races like Callville where I won the hardest stage, with alot of hard climbing, or getting 2nd at Merco stage 4 from a field sprint, and even a few of the time trials this year….  the fitness is obviously there.  It’s a bit frustrating but overall I think the season has been good.

    You were slotted to go with a national U25 team – but there were some changes to the plan.  That’s a stressful situation – what happened and what team did you end up with?

    I’m riding with Ride Clean p/b patent it.   At the start of the season I was set to ride with a big team that ended up folding, so I found myself in need of a ride. At Valley of the Sun I was given what I thought was a great offer for the rest of the season with an amazing group of people at Ride Clean. Little did i know it would just get better and better as the year went on. To this day I couldn’t ask for a better experience than i’ve been having this season.

    Ride Clean is Jame Carney’s team.  He has been around as long as Moses!  What kind of advice do you get from a racing legend like Carney?

    To be honest I havent raced with him yet. He is doing more of a crit/track schedule where im focussing a bit more on stage races. I look forward to seeing him at some races later this season though for sure

    Jame Carney is a proponent of the Euro Pro hair style – is that a team requirement? It looks like you got some new color going on your lid….

    Hecks yeah! gotta look good at the rollerrink on Friday nights. I’m pretty much there every week

    You are now a veteran of the Euro-French racing scene.  Did you like racing in the land of kings and castles?

    I love racing over there, my favorite was probably Circuit de Morbihan, or Moncontour.  My most memorable time was my first month or so in France.  I was with a team on our way to a big race and my team director forgot to bring the race food. It was a national race, so all the riders went into a gas station for their own race food. I got some cookies and didn’t think much of it. Well, during the race I got some pretty bad stomach cramps and aches. To make a long story short the cookies were laxatives. I think its funny now but I ended up dropping out of a national race, from the break, because of it.

    Having a strong support group is key to making it as a young cyclist. Who do you lean on as you build your career?

    To be honest if I said everyone sname that has helped me it would be a book in its own. I have to say i have the coolest support group ever. My coach (Chris Burnham) has been awesome and I can’t tell you the improvements we have made, im also working with Freddie Rodriguez alot lately

    Give me some background on how you got into cycling (past athletic history)

    Until I got hurt in 2005 surfing was my whole life. I started to ride to help rehab some injuries which led to a team and racing. After my first race, Pine Flat RR, cycling was my priority. and he has been very helpful as well. Ive had help also from Matt Moore, Donna Woods, and all the great staff at Ride Clean. Thank you so much to everyone I didnt mention, you know who you are!

    What is your favorite NorCal race?

    Probably Snelling or Cats Hill, both awesome races.

    What races are you targeting this summer?

    Quite a few – nationals because I’d really like to go to worlds, and overall I think I’ll be stage hunting at all the races I do.

    You do really well on camera, you could replace Phil Ligget! Did you get media training some where?

    No, just watch alot of interviews on B.E.T.


    Read more about Logan Loader at loganloader.blogspot.com




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    3 Responses to The Legend of Logan Loader

    1. donna
      May 19, 2011 at

      Good questions Hellyer! Not the same ol’ same ol’.Logan has more than all the right stuff it takes and will be there with the big dogs soon. He’s doing a great job exercising patience,which is harder than any bike race for sure.

    2. Tony
      May 20, 2011 at

      Logan has all the right stuff indeed. He’s come a long way from the old Tuesday night crits out on Fort Ord to winning races and banging elbows with the big boys. Ginger and I keep watching and waiting for the BIG win and the next step!

    3. Ally Stalker
      May 24, 2011 at

      He is just so cute! And he has the body to die for!

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