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    Sho Nuff Mt. Baldy saw the battle of baldies as Horner and Leipheimer left the peloton in their fumes.   Talansky hung in tough for long time trying to put Garmin back in the game, but it was not to be since Radioshack would only give the break a few minutes.  It is interesting to look at the results over the last few years and see how domestic teams have improved.  A few years ago you’d be hard pressed to find any domestic riders in the top half of the field. Today shook out a lot of riders but there were a couple of notables.  Bissell had a handful of riders in the top half of the field as did United-Healthcare.

    Two NorCal riders proved they still have some punch after a week – Paul Mach came in came in just under 8 minutes after the winners.  Chris Jones came in just a minute after Mach to sneak into the top 40 finishers for the day.  Mach get’s the award today…his finish, 37th, may not seem like a chart topper, but sometimes the good days are the ones you prove you can ride with the big dogs.  Both Mach and Jones proved they have some stones to throw in the future.

    NorCal Cycling News Awesome Award

    Stage 5 Winner – Paul Mach

    Runner Up – Levi Leipheimer

    Honorable Mention – Chris Jones






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    1. gahd
      May 21, 2011 at

      I must disagree a bit. I’m shocked how much the domestic pros suck compared to Pro Tour riders. When a guy like Ben Day, who completely destroys fellow US pros at races such as San Dimas, finishes in the grupetto, it’s shocking. It was great to see Rory up there on Sierra, but reality set in for him today. Alex Candelario has been impressive this week, which is good to see. But unfortunately, it’s men versus boys out there.

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