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    I went to look at the who was leading the current BAT/BAR/NorCal Points series and realized there is about a gaggle (more than five) points races going on at one time.  From what I could discern the the ones with the arrows were the important ones.

    NCNCA Point Series – This looks like the old BAT/BAR standings.  Still one of the best ways to gauge who is the BMOC in NorCal.  It tracks pretty much every race… God help the points keeper.  There is a lot of honor in being the NorCal BAR, since many of the former winners went onto international or pro careers.  There just isn’t any money in it.  This is a great tool to figure out who is awesome at the beginning and end of each year.  It’s kind of like the UCI ranking system.  Some might say it’s a judge of who races the most, others might say it is a hardness calculator.  Current Leaders: Vince Owens, Beth Newell.

    NCNCA Premier Series – This is a newer invention and might have some form of prize or money for the winners at the end.  The Premier Series is only tracking 20 of the top races and the selection is awesome.  They have pulled the most classic of the classic courses.  I hope this series takes root and the NCNCA can put some money/muscle behind it.  Would be cool to add a U23 or U25 group too.  This will be a great go to article when the well dries up.  Look for some Premier Series coverage.  Current Leaders: BJM, Bec Werner


    Junior Points Series – While not looking super up to date (i know we all have day jobs but somebody probably needs to do a quick clean up) I think a separate junior series is a great idea.  It probably could just be folded into the NCNCA Premier Series and focus on the 17/18 year old Men/Women.  Anything that keeps the juniors beating each other up rather than us is good in my books. Current Leaders: A bunch of young’uns.



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      5 Responses to NorCal Points Series

      1. Scott
        June 9, 2011 at

        Junior Points Series awards were given out at the Dunlap Time Trial.

      2. June 9, 2011 at

        And the winners were?

        Cause this ain’t doing it for me! http://ncnca.org/ncncapage/jps-current-standings

        Somebody send us a freaking press release or winners list! We wouldn’t have to write for a day – that would be awesome

      3. Scott
        June 9, 2011 at

        Torey Phillip won 17-18 boys (Alexander Freund, 2nd; John Piasta 3rd) and Zeke Mostov won 15-16 boys (Dylan Drummond, 2nd; and Matt Valencia, 3rd). I’m not sure about the others. Hopefully there’s a list somewhere. I think most of the kids there were unaware of their positions in the standings until Sunday.

      4. Rich
        June 9, 2011 at

        More (but still incomplete) JPS results:

        17-18 girls: Caitlin Sheder-Bieschin, 1st; Brooke Wenig, 2nd; Emily Anderson-Merrit, 3rd

        15-16 girls: Rebecca Hill, 1st; Pooja Bhatia, 2nd; Page Robertson, 3rd

        10-14 girls: Aliya Traficante, 1st; Kristin Wolfe, 2nd; Lauren Wolfe, 3rd

        not sure about 10-14 boys.

      5. Bill Nicely
        June 10, 2011 at

        The Premier Series has a title sponsor in SportsBaseOnline who has generously donated $3000 cash (mainly for Pro/1/2 Men and Pro 1/2/3 Women podiums), five deep cool trophies AND two sets of podiums that can be used by any promoter. I believe there is no reason for a race not to provide podiums and backed that up by getting these into the equipment pool. Next season I hope to see an increase in prize money for this series. Keep in mind that the prizes are only available to riders from NCNCA Member Clubs but as it increases in stature and prizes we will open it up to draw in outside riders to these events. More to follow.

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