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    #nccn will be back in swing tomorrow (been out of town) but looking at the same page is driving me crazy.  I caught up with Vanderkitten Jono on how his peeps are doing at the big show, ie. the Nature Valley Grand Prix.  Granted I could barely understand him between the thunder, wind, and crazy accent but should be able to elicit some more info from him tomorrow, as we talk up the weekend events and how NorCal riders are faring at the #nvgp.  Until then here are some cool pieces you should be reading…

    Strava Reliability – NorCal Overlord of Braniacs Dan Conelly put together some cool data on how well strava segements their (more accurately your) GPS data.  A great read for the data specialists out there.

    Nature Valley Grand Prix Coverage – Podium Insight is in full NVGP coverage mode.  The articles are fine, the photos are amazing, and if there was a way to charge for twitter coverage i think Podium would have their business model locked down.  That twitter feed is gold for cycling coverage. Check it on twitter at @podiuminsight

    Counter Attacking Big Pink– I worry that Rand is going to quit cycling to pursue his science career, which is why his post quality has been heading down hill… but he’s got a good post in there about the 45+ Masters RR Championship.   Don’t forget to heckle him while he is volunteering as a course marshal at Pesky for his Alto Velo club.  I might go down just for that…it cold be better than cross.

    The Doper Next Door – It’s out!  Unlike most people I don’t think Tilin is a dbag for running this crazy experiment.  I DO think he’s lame for not owning it, only going halfway, and doing it in our district.  I’ll write a real review when I finish the book.

    Team Diadora Pasta Zara – The team’s facebook fanpage is obviously run by a master of italian social networking. The reason for checking this out feels somewhat cruel, but the updates tend to be both informative, and humorous due to the translations.  Check out Amber Pierce and Shelley Olds comings and goings here if you are a fan.



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    3 Responses to OOTO – Read These NorCal Writers

    1. June 17, 2011 at

      I checked out the Team Diadora Pasta Zara fan page. The status in your screencap is a Google translation of the previous status.

    2. June 17, 2011 at

      It is awesome any way you cut it.

    3. Jason G
      June 17, 2011 at

      not a fan of the doper next door. Aside from some entertaining side-effects and blowing cat 4’s off his wheel at the wrong time in races, it appears there’s not much of a story. His sensationalistic rag is nothing more than a coffee table book that makes non-racers think that anyone who is good is on something illegal. Very bad for our sport.

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