• Pesky District Championships

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    Photo by Lorry Huffman follow on Twitter at @regulorry

    The Pesky podium photo, which doubles for the District Championship, kinda sums up the NorCal men’s scene right now. Cal Giant on top, flanked by two Marc Pro-Strava fellas,  with Yahoo oddly awkwardly standing to the side… and then there is a Webcor presence hanging in the background.  Jesse Moore took his second District Championship (TT now RR) over a deep men’s field which included Nate English, a hungry buch of Strava riders, and various other comers.  It was a beautiful day down on the Peninsula, and Moore’s victory begs the question… will he go for the triple with a win at the Watsonville Oakland hosted Crit? (I stole that line from @aseigle) Marc Pro Strava posted some more results on their site.

    Speaking of @aseigle, she is the only person keeping folks apprised of how her Metromint team fared at Pesky.  Molly Van Houweling took the win for Metromint, making her another double winner (TT & RR) this year.  Van Houwelings teammate, Rikke Preisler, posted a second place finish making it not just a banner medal day but a good pay day as well as Webcor put up a $2k purse for the womens race.  Between Van Houweling, Moore, and Preisler the grown ups really ruled the day on the redwood dappled course that challenges both climbers and rouleurs.

    Counter Attacking Live Blogging Experiment

    It sounded so promising.  Big Pink was going to provide live coverage of the race.  @yu_kie gave us a heads up and we got a link going and everything.  Big Pink even got a few posts up and then nothing.  I rolled down the the course to check in on the action and all the course marshals were like “TELL BIG PINK TO UPDATE THE DAMN BLOG, WE DON’T KNOW WHATS GOING ON.”   Apparently there was no cell signal.  Well no shit. Honestly that should not be a surprise for anybody that has a mobile phone in San Francisco seeing as how coverage universally sucks, and going to a rural area is not destined to improve that situation.  Pescadero, and environs, have been nicely kept from major development, and is primarily populated by loggers, bikers, pot growers, and random rich people (who complain the most about traffic) that can afford the commute. None of these are the types that demand top notch communication services.  The only failure is the inability to overcome adversity… Just text Hernando or something, he’s just itching to do some live blog race announcing.   Anyway… just do it on twitter like @podiuminsight – you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.




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    3 Responses to Pesky District Championships

    1. sluggo
      June 19, 2011 at

      I’m trying to understand the triple comment. Watsonville? WHat’s in Watsonville?

      • June 19, 2011 at

        Mental lapse – ignore that. For some reason i remember talk that Cal Giant might host a Watsonville downtown crit that would double as districts (btw – did i imagine that) and then remembered i hadn’t heard that and looked up where it would be (Elite Crit Champs is in Oakland) but for some reason wrote watsonville cause i was thinking how cool would it be to do a triple in the home of their sponsor… of course, there is only the Velo Promo Watsonville race. No Cal – Giant event that i could see. I had that all worked out in my head but never made the correction.

    2. June 20, 2011 at

      The Strawberry Crown Criterium is real, but it is not the district championship.

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