• TVC VIP Tickets & Hellyer Videos

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    Thanks for the responses to the VIP ticket give away. I had a couple of “winners.”

    – Lyne Lamoreaux: because i want to steal her photos from podiuminsight.com

    – Yukie: because she’ll tweet the results

    – Alden: I am making him write content for the site. He was willing to expose this fact if he didn’t get a ticket. I like that kind of chutzpa.

    – Sharon Mandell: Loyal Hellyer-ite. Figured out the fan page like thing too.

    – Steve Pelaez: He begged like a mother ducker – ceaselessly, unrelenting, begging. Totally worth it.

    – George Crawford: Because he really loves cross but will settle for a party at the velodrome. Man after my own heart.

    For those that were looking for the VIP treatment, the super cool boutique shop IMINUSD and legendary brew pub, Tied House, will be offering refreshments in the circle outside the velodrome boards free of charge. Parking does cost $6… but it goes to the county, and they need it.

    Check out these videos to get yourself psyched up for the race.



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    1. clm
      June 30, 2011 at

      I may have a VIP ticket or two and can be bought…..

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