• TDF Day 1 – When Friends Become Enemies

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    Every year it’s the same thing. About 15 minutes after the first stage some excited viewer in my circle of friends posts the result with an innocent comment like “Chapeau Gilbert!”. The news used to be broken on email, but now it’s on Facebook, twitter, google+ or what ever service you might be using. Aside from the fact that any American using the term “Chapeau” has to upgrade their Tin Tin era French, one would think that this is an benign gesture of enthusiasm. Rarely is one ready for the Civil War-Battle of Gettysburg-like-vitriol that follows.

    What this person does not know is that the other half of the world, the half that I neither understand nor will recognize going forward, likes to keep the result a secret, which they will reveal to themselves on their DVR, later that evening, like a special new age gift to myself Christmas present. These folks have rules about what they call SPOILERS, and if you don’t follow them then you are at risk of losing their allegiance for ever. Back in the day, pre-social media, I’d even go as far as to post the “rules” to my clubs list serve hoping it would proactively cut down on the bitching.

    I was reminded today after Podium Insight’s Lyne posted a “get over it” comment, to “No-Spoiler” people I assume, on her Facebook profile. The irony is she’s cycling media, meaning it’s her job to break or comment on the race results. If she has to defend, or even comment on, the content of her race reports we have officially gone too far in babying the “No-Spoiler Nation.” I have friends and family that have chosen to be a on this side of the issue, which pains me to no end. I don’t get it really… how hard is it to follow the race on tv or live text feed. Why are you even pretending to work when the tour is on? (Idea! “How to fake working when watching a bike race.”) Is your life so devoid of surprises that you need to artificially construct a past race result?

    You day is over “No-Spoiler” people. A new day has dawned and it belongs to us. The happy spoilers of month long stage races.



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    6 Responses to TDF Day 1 – When Friends Become Enemies

    1. Matt
      July 2, 2011 at

      Probably has more to do with wanting to watch the race develop rather than recap it. Simple solution for those who don’t want to know…STOP using media that tells you the result! If that is to now include NCCN, then I guess I’ll have to take a pass until after I’ve watched the daily coverage. Feel free to resume your rant….

    2. kt
      July 2, 2011 at

      Chapeau, hellyer!

    3. July 2, 2011 at

      My point – not really a rant – is that folks that do no want ‘spoilers’ should stay away from social media (facebook/twitter) instead of ranting at people that do post about the race

    4. Pave
      July 3, 2011 at

      Wait, are you saying Gilbert is riding in the Tour de France this year? Spoiler!

    5. If you know the result of something, and you also know that there are people out there who wouldnt like to know the result, but yet you still publicly declare the result...you are a just a complete dick, plain and simple. No ifs' no buts, your just a dick
      July 18, 2011 at

      How is there even a discussion about this. Do you know why those people are called spoilers?? Because they spoil things. Selfish people spoil things for others, considerate people don’t. Every single person reading this is aware that there are people who dont wish to know the result of certain events, so why be a douche and try and wreck things for people. Show 12 hours of self control for god’s sake. And if the question “why should i?” pops into your head, your just a selfish prick in my opinion.

    6. July 18, 2011 at

      I’d flip that around and say that anybody that wants the world to conform to their warped tv/work schedule is a self serving narcissist that can’t figure out how to manage their email and facebook accounts. The point is the technology make it your responsibility to stay in the dark not everybody elses. A spoiler is finding out Dumbledore is gay not sports news. The whole idea that sports news can be “spoiled” is stupid.

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