• Crit Recap: Davis, St. Rafael, Lodi Get Pro Treatment

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    Ed. Note: Vacation happened last week… sort of.

    NorCal got the pro treatment with coverage and photos at several big crits by Lyne Lamoureaux of podiuminsight.com fame.  While resting up at home in NorCal, in between NRC and fancy domestic races, which podiuminsight.com covers for various cycling publications, L.L showed up to take some photos at Hellyer for the Testarossa Velodrome Challenge and then scooted up to the central valley for the 4th of July Crit in Davis.  As if that was not enough local action she then headed off to the St. Rafael Twilight Crit and the Lodi Cyclefest to get warmed up before heading out on the road for the next few big US NRC events.

    If you do not follow podiuminsight on Twitter, I strongly suggest you get on that, since Lyne and her crew provide live coverage, via twitter, of many top domestic events, filling a gap in live updates that TV and “live blogging” (who the f*&^ invented the term “live blogging”?) have failed to cover.  It is cool to see that NorCal is not producing just great cyclists and innovative racing technology, but also the next generation of journalists as well.  So… I’m using this Monday’s recap to make sure that podiuminsight.com get’s some props for their coverage of the home town action.  For awesome photos and coverage of Davis, St. Rafael, and Lodi go check out podiuminsight.com.



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    1. LB
      July 12, 2011 at

      San Rafael and Lodi P12 Recap: SoCal Domination

    2. July 12, 2011 at

      LB. I hate you. But you speak something close to the truth. SoCal can suck it.

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